Receiving the Speaker of the Year Award

Between all the preparations for the grand opening of our restaurant Amarte next month, applying the final touches of our holistic spa, and of course the day to day business of running an eco boutique hotel and retreat center, it was time to write a blog. Fortunately I have some note worthy news.

On this day, – exactly one year ago – I officially launched ‘The Queens Trilogy’. The 3 autobiographical books that I had worked on over a period of 13 years were for sale on all the official channels like Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  The local Rotary Club had invited me to do a presentation of my books. A year ago that was the last Dutch Queens day, the 30th of April, as our queen Beatrix has passed the thrown to her son Willem Alexander.

Queen Beatrix and her son Crown-Prince Willem-Alexander

Queen Beatrix and her son Crown-Prince Willem-Alexander

A presentation of ‘The Queen’s Trilogy’ on the Dutch Queen’s Day was a sweet synchronicity I had not really planned.

Maybe I was a little bit nervous over the explicit content of my talk in front of such a conservative group, but the presentation was so successful that I received The Speaker of the Year Award, handed to me by the president of The Rotary Club.

Receiving the Speaker of the Year award from Bob Hyde.

Receiving the Speaker of the Year award from Bob Hyde.

A year later I can report to you that I’ve sold 3147 books, both paper books and electronic versions for your Kindle or iPad. But more importantly, I’ve received 36 beautiful reviews on Amazon. Truthfully, you can find a 1 and 2 star review – too much information – but they add to your credibility so I’m glad they are there. Reviews are the little gems that give us authors the visibility and exposure we need to make it in the big world.

I’ve started writing the 4th book in the series, as our adventures continue, but I estimate another 3 to 4 years before that one will be finished.

If you haven’t had a chance to download the 1st book in the series, which is absolutely free, here’s a link to the Queen’s Escape.

Here’s a video with a short compilation of the presentation at the Rotary Club, last year during the last Queens Day. Please, enjoy!

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  1. Congratulations Paula. You are a most deserving person to have great things happen for you! I can’t wait to see Amarte. I am spending my summer in Playa with family and friends (June 27-August 6). See you soon, Frank

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