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Most of our friends, especially the ones in Playa del Carmen, are very well aware of the fact that my husband and I love to dress up for Halloween.

My very 1st encounter with Halloween began in the year 2000 when I had just moved to Playa. I had found a nice dress, which I still have, and a French make-up artist had taken care of my make-up. My friend LaVonna had turned the villa behind restaurant Da Gabi into a horror house and we all had a spooky ball. I do have pictures of that event, but that was before the digital age, so they’re all stored in my mother’s cellar. However, a few months later I was asked to organize a big birthday bash for a friend of ours on the rooftop his penthouse. Besides many musicians and performers I had also invited that French make-up artist. This time I asked him to use the same colors but less spooky. I imagined myself some sort of a sea goddess. I do have a picture of that event with my dear friend Joyous, may she rest in peace.


The Mexican festivities of the Day of the Dead are a celebration of the deceased, to honor our loved ones who have passed away. Here’s a link to a nice article about this ancient tradition.

The next Halloween event that I remember having dressed up for is the one just 5 days after hurricane Wilma in 2006. Since there was not a green leave to be found in our paradise I asked my friends to come and dress in something green. I had braces at the time (believe me, it’s totally worth it), so I placed green sparkly sequins on the metal fixtures.


The year after that my friend Malonie was living with me and we had a ball preparing our fantasy costumes. In theme with the shamanic trips we had made to Peru we had created  a deity from another world.


In the year 2007 I found myself in cold and windy Holland during Halloween. Summer love had turned into serious love, so what to do? I suggested to my little niece and her friend to go trick or treating, so off we went with our scary costumes. Of all the people who answered their door 9 out of 10 asked with complete surprise, “So, what do I do now?” I answered with a low, spooky voice, “The kids get a treat and a bottle of wine will do for me.”

The hat that I had bought that autumn in the Hague was going to be used for the following Halloween when Honza finally decided to join me in paradise. This was the 1st year I found out that Honza enjoyed dressing up.


Before we moved to the following Halloween there was another dress up occasion when our friend Sara celebrated her 40th birthday and asked everybody to dress up ‘80s style. Thanks to our hairdresser Doranna de Bartoli we were able to transform ourselves into ‘80s pop stars and we won 1st prize. Actually, that was the only time we won a price together, because usually by midnight we’re long gone from the party scene.


Inspired by Doranna’s talents we creatively found our next characters. The bride of Frankenstein goes porn, with her creator, the mad professor.


And then we found some wings and wigs and created the next set of characters; the fallen Angels.


Living in the Caribbean inspires to dress up like a pirate, and after the 3rd Johnny Depp ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ box office hit starring Penelope Cruz, we knew what to do. Days and weeks of sowing and hunting for the right accessories and we had a new set of characters.


It’s not a secret that Honza and I believe in the existence of a galactic space family. With the date 21-12-2012 in mind we thought it appropriate to dress up like ‘Chico & Chica Galactica’.


Last year I decided to recycle a costume. The white lace of the bride of Frankenstein had faded to a yellowish cream and was perfect for a sexy dead bride in the character of the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead.


We’re still a little short on cash, so this year we’re recycling again. Now what’s the key to a fabulous costume? Honestly, I don’t really know. I try to be creative and I go with the flow. Sometimes I start with a wig, sometimes with a dress, or another year with a specific color or theme.

But I do have the key to a fabulous place: EL JARDIN.

IMG_0210 IMG_0218

We’ve started with the cleaning process and have placed the property on airbnb.


We’ll keep you posted, but we can tell you that as of December we’ll start to host the weekly eco-market on Thursdays.

Happy Halloween!