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It certainly looks like it, but let’s go back to where we left off and share with you what we’ve been up to.

Before we could throw a good party we needed to create a dance floor. We had found a few Mayan workers who copied Paula’s design and creatively finished this sun.

1. Sun creation 1 2. Sun creation 2 3 Sun creation 3 4. Sun creation 4

Hours before the party started the tables and chairs that we had made by our carpenter were delivered.

5. Chairs delivered

Paula’s 50th birthday party was the biggest party we’ve thrown so far. It’s good to know that for future events we can easily host 100 people. Here are a few shots taken at the party.

6. Birthday 7. Birthday

Here’s a link to more pictures.

With the birthday party our filmmaker Martin was able to shoot the last shot in order to finish the promotion video and here is the result. (The party starts at 2.10)

Needless to say that the day after we were finally able to rest and enjoy, and that’s what we did with quite a few mimosa’s, which we plan to offer at El Jardin.

8. Day After

But soon after we continued with the renovations of the kitchen.

9. Kitchen

The old floor went out.

10. Kitchen

A truck with construction materials was driven into our kitchen

11. Kitchen

The new floor is in and a new part of the bar is constructed

12. Kitchen

A new sink is being constructed

13. Cocinita

And there is our new ‘cocinita’.

Except renovating the kitchen we also had  a solid floor placed where there used to be gravel.

19. Floor

And we had a waterfall with a little river constructed.

16. Cascada 17. Cascada 18. Cascada

Then it was time to go shopping for a stove and pots and pans.

14. Shopping

And before you know you have a fully equipped kitchen

15. Kitchen ready

Remember how we started?


And this is what we have now.

20. Kitchen

Now what’s a restaurant without a good chef? And where do you find one? As a true siren Paula had lured one in with her voice when she was practicing her Mexican boleros. Back in November last year chef Miguel stopped to listen to Paula’s songs and had asked if we needed a cook. Paula had answered, “Maybe in January we will need somebody.” Guess what? By the end of January he came back! But the best news is that Miguel turned out to be an excellent chef, more than we could have hoped for. Here we are checking out a new color ‘filipino’.

23. Miguel

We also found a truly lovely waitress. Karla had been our yoga student for a few weeks, and one morning we asked her if she was looking for work. Guess what? Not only was she looking for work, she also had some experience.

21. Karla

For a week we practiced with a breakfast menu, which we serve all day, and next week we’ll add a lunch menu.

1st lunch

Harold & Julie

So, El Jardin is really opening it’s doors from Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm for breakfast and lunch. What kind of food do we serve? Comida YucaCheca! What’s that? It’s the famous Yucateca kitchen from the peninsula Yucatan with a twist from our Czech chef Honza, hence YucaCheca.

So for breakfast you can expect typical plates like Enchilladas and Chilaquiles with all the sauces. Of course we serve organic coffee from Chiapas with organic milk, freshly squeezed orange juice and fresh coconut water. But we also have fresh fruit with organic granola or a variety of German breads with organic jam, and of course any style organic eggs.

For lunch we offer a typical Mayan plate called Tikinchic, which is fresh grouper served in a banana leaf.

24. Fish

Of course we serve a real Mexican chocolate mole made from scratch by our chef Miguel, and we have a vegetarian dish with eggplant, nuts and seeds.

Honza will take care of the daily menu, offering you a variety of his well-known dishes like the Czech goulash called ‘Segediner’, or his famous pork roast with red cabbage.

Unfortunately the liquor license is taking it’s Mexican time, and we keep hearing, “Mañana.”

We hope to welcome you soon at El Jardin!