The highlight of our year (so far) was meeting our hero Corey Goode.

Corey Goode

We  are all familiar with whistleblowers like Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning, who bring government secrets to a large audience, the public who have a right to be informed about matters that the government wishes to keep a secret from the people they serve.


Corey Goode is a whistleblower who informs us regarding highly classified government secrets that cover subjects like Secret Space Programs and collaborations with Extra Terrestrial races like the Blue Avians and the Sphere Beings, who have visited Honza some 2 years ago.

Corey & Blue Avian

Blue Spheres

Corey Goode has been working together with David Wilcock, a bestselling author, brilliant researcher, and gifted speaker and lecturer. David Wilcock has been featured in Ancient Aliens and now you can see them both on Gaiam’s series ‘Cosmic Disclosure’.


David Wilcock is the incarnation of the sleeping prophet called Edgar Cayce.


Now how did we get to meet Corey Goode? Through his various Facebook pages and Vlogs we learned that he was going to visit the Riviera Maya for a retreat. We wrote him that we couldn’t wait to express our gratitude and admiration in person for the incredible important work he’s doing, often with great risk for his own life and that of his family. He suggested we contact the staff of the retreat, which we did, and we offered their group of 25 people a private evening in our restaurant with a 4-course vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free dinner.

Honza showing to Corey the size of one of the Sphere Beings.

Honza showing to Corey the size of one of the Sphere Beings.

Me and my hero Corey.

Me and my hero Corey.

Honza, Corey and I.

Honza, Corey and I.

Not only was I able to sing a few romantic songs to him and his lovely wife Stacey, I could also tell him in person that he plays an important role in my new book ‘The Queen’s Manifestation’, and I read an excerpt from the chapter where he’s featured.


I will read that same passage and a few more juicy parts this coming Wednesday the 1st of February when we officially launch the 4th installment of the Queen’s Saga at El Jardin. We offer free cocktails and snacks from 5pm to 7pm, and there’s the possibility to purchase a signed paper copy of The Queen’s Manifestation.








  1. Continue as you do & everything will be ok. For this moment I am stuck to Holland but I ‘ ll knock on your doors soon, ok? For the rest: still alive & going on strongly in a rather sober way, which was a good solution. Do you sometimes respond on comments? Hope so, makes it a little more close & personnel. Love to all of you, MarcelluX Senstius.

  2. Paula you have done a great job presenting the Corey Goode meeting in you garden restraunt. I like the flow of photos and words in the report.
    Keep up your important work. Thank you for inviting Joanne and I to meet Corey his life vely wife and the interesting members of his group over dinner.
    Tom Burton

  3. Hi Paula!

    Before 2012 I witnessed an UFO: a bright orange star moved South like a plane across the twilit evening Mount Washington Valley sky, then slowed and stopped. I researched the star it stopped at; the star’s name is Aldebaran.

    Paula, sometimes I wonder if it was a sphere being, yet I haven’t heard of them(except perhaps a Foo Fighter) until I looked up your blog yesterday. I found your blog after reading some of “The Queen’s Escape.” I found your lively book on amazon after searching “lightworker” or “starseed” I think.

    So I know a bit about Tom who commented here. The Queen’s Escape introduces Tom to the Deep Space 9 Tom. Aldebaran is in 9 degrees of tropical Gemini(twins; mirrors), and Aldebaran means “the follower” in Arabic, like a mirror.

    In the Star Trek Deep Space 9 series, the episode “Little Green Men” features a large-eared being named Quark, who taps an empty “Aldebaran Whiskey” bottle on his brother’s right ear. Later, they go back in time and crash at Roswell, where a needle prys into the brother’s son’s right ear to fix a universal translator.

    As a child, I had to sit still while a doctor took a needle, picked away in my right ear and removed a tympanic metal tube that got stuck.

    Also before 2012, I met a friendly being(tall dark green with black eyes like the Grays) who made me lucid in dream. Their name is Kotel Ebol Eban(= 119). 119 is opposite of the US 9/11 attacks, and in bible Mark 11:9, the people shout “Hosanna,” which means “save!”

    11 looks like Gemini; I sense 119 as 9 degrees Gemini, like Aldebaran.

    My friend John introduced me to the astrological True Lilith. My natal True Lilith is 9 degrees Gemini. Lilith is introduced and described as a shell-husk in The Zohar 1:19… Paula, The Queen’s Escape part 1 chapter 11(119=11) is titled “A Sexy Angel.” George MacDonald(don’t know if we’re related) describes Lilith as a fallen angel.

    John has the same Scorpio Ascendent and Virgo Moon as I; each wihin 2 degrees of eachother; we’re astrological twins of sorts. A man named John Todd claims UFOs are demons summoned by Illuminati witches. I don’t know; it’s probably at least partially true.

    Kotel sounds like the Mayan coatl, which reminds of kundalini. Since 119=11 which implies mirrors, Kotel Ebol Eban reverses as Nabe Lobe Letok. Nabe is a German word reminding of the illumiNAZI and WWII Axis powers.

    Paula, I’m at your “Voices of the Past” chapter. Tom’s friend Franz reminds of a Tesla quote promoting the numbers 3, 6 and 9. Aldebaran was 9 degrees 36 minutes tropical Gemini when I was born. This also reminds of Marco Rodin’s work and torus coils(Aldebaran is in sidereal Taurus). Oh, for year-round gardens!

    Paula I’m glad you got married! Have you and Honza sung any duets from Der Fliegende Hollander? I love Richard Wagner!

    I will be participating in worldwide synchronized meditations to enlighten intentions so the transition to better technologies will be more safe.

    I’m a 30 year old virgin Libra and a mama’s boy. I work as a stone mason tender. I might be too good at fucking myself, and might have imagined Simona Rich too much, but she has not asked me to leave her life, though I’ve welcomed her to dismiss me. Recently I’ve focused on fantasy elves(to avoid possibility of astral rape), yet I hope to refrain from jerking off so much! Aldebaran-Lilith was in my 7th house(marriage) when I was born, though no good astral sex yet.

    My heart might make the world worse, but it is better than my negative emotions; may I always share my heart! May we be our best!

    Thank you Paula; it was nice to organize my thoughts! I welcome your summons, dismissal, or ignore me haha(that’s what Simona does! She thinks she has proof that Earth is not a globe but flat, and ignores/blocks evidence to the contrary. I don’t know if Earth is flat; I haven’t been to outer space). Be free!

    Love and Light,

    1. Paula,

      I wont be checking for any response here. Its time for me to focus on relationships with people I meet face to face!

      Farewell Paula,

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