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Yes! Today Honza and I are celebrating 10 years of marital bliss.

Honza and I have faced a few challenges in our lives, but our love, friendship and passion for each other was never one among them.

How’s life after El Jardin?

Rest, Eat, Sleep, Repeat, at first. Then you get a cold, and rest some more, and more.

I did start a daily practice of yoga and meditation. For now I like to practice at home, tailoring my practice to the specific needs of my body, and not that of my students. And without a daily guided meditation I wouldn’t be able to float so easily through these uncertain times.

After losing your business and means of existence it’s so easy to fall into an abyss of emotions like; embarrassment, failure and worthlessness. But thanks to my spiritual practice I can see the bigger picture.

Without El Jardin and our stage I could never have developed such a unique show with which I have been presenting myself to the cruise lines and agents ( some 30+). Here’s the 2.22 video I’ve send them.

And the bigger picture is also that I’m a spiritual being, a unique expression of God, the Divine Creation. And I’m here with a mission: Wake You All Up! I’ve been doing that tirelessly at El Jardin, as diplomatic as I could, but let me tell you this:

Life after el Jardin = Free Speech!

Well, not really. There’s a Facebook Group called Expats and Locals in Playa del Carmen, created to search for info on where to find certain food items, insurance, rentals, you name it. I asked if anybody knew where to find a MAGA hat. Within 3 hours the post had generated 146 comments and the administrator turned off the comments. Needless to say they were (except for 2 or 3) vile, insulting and promoted bodily harm and even death. I wonder: Who’s creating hate and divide here?

Note of interest: the majority of these people don’t speak sufficient Spanish to have a decent political conversation with a Mexican, and they  never have. I certainly have had those talks, many times, with many different Mexicans. Soon I will present a video with short interviews with Mexicans and their thoughts about Trump and the wall. With my MAGA hat.

Okay, I’ve had one made with ‘Make Earth Great Again’, just to be on the safe side, especially on the tourist filled 5th Avenue.

Yes, it’s truly sad to see how extremely well the MSM propaganda machine has worked, but we continue to plant one seed at a time, wake them up, one soul at a time. It’s a labour of love: for the children.

For people relatively new to my blog and the Q Movement, here are a few excellent short videos that give you a very clear picture of what is going on.

And here is one for the followers who are familiar with Simon Parkes and Benjamin Fulford. I think this is the 1st time I’ve seen an interview between these two respected people, and guess what? They agree on everything!

I’ll end my blog with my list of sources.

I’ve started following a few people on Twitter, first thing in the morning. I’ve opened an account when I first published my books, but was never active. Until recently. It’s a great source to get immediate news. I’ll post a few and you’ll soon see who else to follow.

Then I shift through a bunch of newspapers. Note, I’ve added 2 to the list:












Then half way the day I receive the following websites in my mailbox that contain a treasure of more interesting articles:

Stillness in the Storm

Galactic Connection

And by the end of the day my husband and I watch episodes from the following YouTube channels:

Destroying the Illusion

X22 Report 

You Are Free TV

In Pursuit of Truth

Edge of Wonder

Simon Parkes

Liz Crokin

That’s it folks, for now. Happy Research.

The Great Awakening is happening and you are part of it!