Last week we talked about the mind-boggling dangers of exposure to 5G technology. Some people wondered how our government can get away with murder and started doing more research. Other people simply can’t believe that our government would harm its own citizens. Well, let me take you back into history and present you with a few simple facts how citizens were treated by their own governments during the WWII.

We’ve been told that the fascist Third Reich miraculously came to power, filling a void created by WWI and the 1929 stock market crash. The Americans did everything in their power to beat the Nazis and eventually, together with the other allies, succeeded in defeating the common  enemy. Job well done! Or is it?

One would think that all those Nazi trucks were German. Nope. They were Ford trucks built with personal commission from Henry Ford. How many real Americans are proudly driving their Fords from the heroic father of the modern automobile? This is the same man who received the Grand Cross of the Eagle, the highest Nazi honor ever bestowed on a civilian, for being – as Heinrich Himmler described – one of our most valuable, important and witty fighters. But wait, there’s more. The following month, a senior executive for General Motors, James Mooney, received a similar medal for his “distinguished service to the Reich.”


Then IG Farben in a cartel with Rockefellers’ Standard oil made the tanks.

Coca Cola sold billions of soft drinks to refresh the Nazi’s.

And Boeing legitimately sent passenger airlines to South America, removed the seats and sent them to Africa, where they were retro-fitted and repainted to become bombers.

In other words, the thirsty Nazi’s were refreshed by American sodas to bomb American soldiers with American bombers that were partly assembled by American moms whose own sons were bombed with their unknowing aid. Genius!

If they had wanted to, the Western multi nationals could have grounded the Luftwaffe and stopped the war at any time. How? The German aircraft were totally depended on imported supplies of Tetra Ethyl Lead, an additive that prevents knocking in aero engines. Standard oil, a Rockefeller company, kept the supply of this vital nutrient flowing through neutral Switzerland for the entire war.

The Nazi war machine was in truth an American business and highly profitable for the Rockefellers, the DuPont’s, the Harriman’s, the Walker’s and in particular the Bushes’.

But the Americans were not the only ones who invested in this lucrative war machine.

My home country, the Netherlands, has always been known for their famous merchant spirit. They ranked 3rd among the most powerful colonizing nations, and number one as the cruelest of them all, even claiming 5% of the worlds slave trade. Fast forward to the WWII, and here comes our famous German prince Bernhard von Lippe Biesterfeld in the picture, father of former queen Beatrix, grandfather of our King Willem Alexander, founder of the infamous Bilderberg Group, and prominent member of the Nazi party. King Willem Alexander’s wife, our queen Maxima, is the daughter of a minister of the former Argentinian military dictatorship. Argentina, the home of many former Nazi Germany leaders, including Hitler himself.


Clearly the poor girl has completely distanced herself from her fathers ‘dirty war’ practices, because she’s now one of the most popular royals in Europe for her sparkling personality and her bright and peppy fashion vibe. I wonder who’s been paying for that flamboyant wardrobe?

Thanks to the fascist father in law of Argentinian Maxima, prince Bernard von Lippe Biesterfeld, Royal shell gave Hitler millions of tons of crude oil for nothing. For free! So, the Dutch Royal Family actually fueled the invasion force which annexed Holland and were instrumental in allowing the Nazi’s rape of their own country. Vielen dank!

Most shocking was what happened in a little Polish town Oswiecim. The Western industrialists had always wanted to get their hands on this region, rich in minerals and coal. With the German invasion of Poland, the fascist financiers had the bright idea of turning this region into an investors paradise. How? By building a Nazi concentration camp near the town of Oswiecim and using the slave labor available and greatly reducing costs.

Very few people are aware of the gigantic scale of the Nazi concentration camp network, but most are blissfully unaware that the real purpose of those camps was making a profit for the rich. That’s why they stole all the gold teeth, wedding bands and watches and melted them in gold ingots. To this day there are bars of gold stored in the vaults of the Bank of England, with a German swastika printed on them.

While Averill Harriman was paying for Hitler’s half a million SS’ers and supplied them with brand new Thompson machine guns, his business associate George Herbert Walker, a veteran plantation owner and experienced in organizing slave labor, took over the management of the Polish concentration camp Oswiecim. The Nazi’s had trouble with the pronunciation and soon the camp was baptized as Auschwitz.

The famous image of the railway leading to the gates of hell was actually an American railway, laid by the Harriman brothers on behalf of Uncle Sam.And  the Rockefellers’ Standard Oil and I.G. Farben cartel produced the Zyklon B gas for the gas chambers.

The truth of the Nazi war machine is that it’s no different than any other American business abroad, like McDonalds. The richest European and American families had invested in these businesses from which they made insane profits due to slave labor and murder.

Like Prescot Sheldon Bush putting all his profits in a trust to finance the political career of his son George Herbert Walker Bush, one of the people involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

So, do you truly think that those fascist Nazi Germany sympathizing business men and European royals suddenly had a change of heart? The same people who knowingly and willingly produced the materials and weaponry to kill their own people during WWII? What makes you think that they’re not planning to do the same again? Maybe this time with more advanced weaponry, like 5G?

And ultimately, we have to ask ourselves what is the motive of these evil and destructive cults?

It will take a while before we get to the bottom of this complicated piece of history.  More will follow soon.

Remember, knowledge is power. The more you know….

26 thoughts on “WHO PAID FOR THE WWII?

  1. Maxima’s wardrobe is paid by the salary she gets for her position and staff, same for husband Willy =:>). The salary is often questioned by politics, but always fiercely defended by the prime minister. Either you agree or disagree with how much they are getting (for free) untaxed. There are actually people who believe Maxima is the best thing that ever happened to the Dutch Royal House, for future purposes: already too much ‘german blood’ in there., as we call it in The Hague ‘breedbek-kikkers’ =:>).

  2. I did not know most of this about who funded WW11. Keep up the good work of informing us Paula. Here’s a challenge for us all……Now that we know the truth….What do we do with this truth? Yes we can all keep adding new believers but “To know and Not to Act is not to know!” Most of us just say this is big and what can I do? Start with Q.

      1. Paula initially I simply wanted to have you make a few corrections here. American businesses like McDonalds may well exploit their workers , sell factory farmed meat , and use soy in everything , but never did they exterminate anybody ! The purposes of the vatican/nazi alliance were about far more than simple industrial profiteering . Maybe yu are unaware with the concept of Opfren . That’s what us Heebz ,Gypsies, Serbians ,Ruskies , and any German or axis subjects they ritually murdered here. For you to claim 6 million was a myth is to repeat the most vile slander propagated by the same axis you otherwise artfully critiqued . Do you not know what they did to your own Dutch nation ???!!! They starved you into submission , along with executing by fire …FYI the majority of their loot is under the streets of Zurich. Also while certainly the bush clan is heavily implicated , they are but one of many such robber barron minions operating in syndicate.

    1. Debunked ? Really. Were there also no mobile machine gun squads ? Or how about Jasenovic . The commandant was a catholic ARCHBISHOP ???!!! who murdered prisoners with his own hands .What else do you not know about history ?

  3. You need to look a little deeper in regards to Ford Motor Co. The company did not provide trucks and the like during wartime, only before war was declared. After that, the German government coopted the company from Ford, putting German gioernment reps in charge and firing the Ford Motor management. Ford was an unwitting victim of the Third Reich.

  4. Reporting again the myth of “Zyklon B used in the Gas Chambers” is just participation in Black Propaganda, used as an excuse for Zionist violence.

    1. Myth of Prussic acid being used !!! ??? As if you would ever know what happened . That you swallow whole this blk propaganda being smeared by the same folks who gave us ‘father’ coughlin , the ustache ,your brainwashing … Tell any Serbian there was no Jasenovic , and see what happens , dumb ass …

  5. Dear Paula.
    Here is another viewpoint of all you write about. End result is however just as you write about.
    Dear Sir.
    You and me and all others have a body but we are souls. The soul is what inside you is ‘aware of being aware’. Another definition is ‘the personality’ but without emotions and reactions. The soul lives eternal. It means most have been living another life in another body before. Now I have my fourth body.
    If we look at known persons like André Rieu. He was Mozart once. Richard Clayderman was List etc.
    Mikael Schumacher left his body at the ski accident and somebody much smaller is running his body now. Before he was the Ferrari driver Peter Collins.
    If we look at the evil ones like Hitler, he was before Napoleon who also tried to conquer Russia. He went into the body of Hitler in 1936 and pushed out the first simple soul.
    Spielberg was propaganda minister Göbbels under Hitler.
    The Pope Benedict was Pius XII during second world war, he was Ignatius Loyola founding the Jesuits and around year 300 he made big changes in the Bible erasing everything about that we are souls and erasing all about that Magdalena was the wife of Jesus.
    Stalin was Ivan the Terrible before.
    George Bush senior was one soul but when he got President, somebody else much more evil (Joseph McCarthy) pushed him out and entered into the body. When he fainted at a dinner in Japan just before the end of the presidency, the original soul went into the body again. The last years he was ‘senile’ = which normally means he has left his body which still lives. Now his body has been executed 10 of Sept 2018.
    Heinrich Himmler after his death went into the body of a young man and called himself Ignat Bubis, He lived in Germany owning 40 000 flats but never payed tax. Before he was Heinrich Himmler, he was Robespierre, who made the whole French upper class one head shorter. Before he was Cortez who conquered Mexico. Before he was Neru who put Rom on fire. Before he was … and arranged the dessert Sahara as the sand is a byproduct at manufacturing the crystal cones used in UFO: s as energy source. Before that he was Enlil. It had happened a nuclear disaster on another planet and the solution was to cover the area with gold. As the people hired for working in the goldmines did not want to work for him under his conditions, he solved it by having his friend Enke to arrange that they got only 2 DNA chains when we should have 12 chains. So, he got workers intelligent enough to understand an order but stupid enough to follow it. They were only interested in sex but nothing philosophic. Because of that we live 70 to 90 years only and not around 700 as we should. That is the population we have today here on Earth.
    Georg Soros was before a Rothschild in Paris creating the Rothschild money emporium. Before he was Solomon with his temple which was in reality a store house for his gold and the religious part was only created to safeguard the gold. He is dead since some time.
    The old David Rockefeller of today (dead since December 2016) was John Rockefeller who created the wealth of the family with oil. (Yes, he pushed out the first simple soul in ‘David’s’ body and entered himself)
    So, it goes on with the evil ones. Interesting to see is that they mostly have taken Jewish bodies or claim they are Jews. Obviously, it looks safer for them after Second World War and the concentration camps once arranged by the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. As you understand it is possible for these evil ones to find a new body among the Rockefeller and Rothschild family and start new and fresh the day they need to leave their old body. They have the ability to push out a soul of a body and enter themselves. Now however all this is not more possible for them since perhaps two years back as they have lost too much of their internal force. Soros is waiting outside his son’s body but cannot enter it. Hillary is waiting outside her daughter’s body but cannot switch etc. I have not understood if these reptiles still can enter into a newborn body and start new again. It means however, it will take 20 years from today until they can act again. It is interesting to see that all these reptiles have bodies of more or less the same age. It means the succession is now a big problem for them and it means it is game over just because of that.
    Once a long, long, long time ago it only existed one soul, the Original Soul. Planets and nature etc. did not exist, but is something much. much, much later. You and me and many more came out of the Original Soul once. Every time this Original Soul was thinking, the opposite thought was created. Did he think ‘I am free and can do what I wish’, the opposite thought was created –‘you are locked here and cannot do anything’. It is a natural law. When sufficient many such opposite thought where created. they made a cluster. Out of this cluster was condensated the different reptiles like David Rockefeller, Georg Soros. Hillary, Bill, Trump, Merkel, Queen of England, Mao, Stalin, Bush Jr and Sr, Barbara Bush, Trump, Kissinger, Hitler, Cheney, Carlos Slim Sr, Hans Kolvenbach – just name them all. All reptiles have in common that they must have attention or they are nothing. That is why Al Gore is running the game against ‘climate change’. Typically, next to all politician’s and next to all actors and singers and next to all managers are reptiles. (The Mexican president Andre Manuel Lopez Oberador is not a reptile!) They are totally some millions here on Earth. Somehow, they are all much the same ‘person’ and not totally different as we ‘normal’ persons. It means if one want something evil the other ones also want the same. As you understand they have no feelings and do not care if some million persons suffer and die. They can show themselves as an image of a lizard = reptile. I have never understood why, but it is so. Just now there is a group of very strong-minded souls outside this Earth who are working hard on eliminating these lizards or reptiles. It is not done by killing but by eliminating these opposite thoughts which means all these above-mentioned reptiles will just disappear into nothing. It means they are losing their power and the other side with the White Dragons and Alliance etc. are just now winning as you also have observed. Only a few years ago it would not have been possible.
    Just now criminality is soaring all around the world. One part is that the reptiles seems to lose their social varnish. Another thing is that we are not alone in our bodies but there are a lot of small souls very hard in effect of ugly incidents in the past, hanging on us and our bodies. Also, we have reptiles hanging on our bodies trying to control us. When the main soul is permitting these small ones and these reptiles to take over at a too big degree, the person commits crimes. When looking at a photo of a criminal person you can see he is somehow overtaken and not in harmony with himself
    Sometime later after the clusters where created, we started the ‘game of Gods’. It is as I said, long before planets and animals and bodies existed. It was the lizard Lucifer (later the Chinese general Sun, Buddha, Machiavelli, Cecil Rodhe’s, L Ron Hubbard the founder of Scientology) who wanted it. We played different games which were more and more vicious. The last game was about bodies and wars etc. -just the game we play just now with Rockefellers and Rothschilds and First World War and second World War etc. etc. We needed help against the evil ones in the games so we created clones. They got just a small part of our abilities. They are today over 95% of the population here on Earth. As you also can see, these clones cannot confront or understand the evil games going on now.
    I guess in the other planets the same game is played but they are in different stages of the game. In many planets, the reptiles have taken over the control but in others the normal people have the control. It is when the planet is in the development where we are just now when it is decided if the reptiles will govern or if the people will be free.
    We have very big problems with Muslim terrorists and IS in Europe now. To create this scene it is needed persons who are intelligent enough to understand an order but stupid enough to follow it. All Muslims have in common that they are circumferenced. It is extremely painful and the poor Muslim boy is next to unconscious. Then the priest tells him that ‘he is the one chosen of Mohammed and he shall continue the work of Mohammed to clear the world of the people not believing in Allah and not following Mohammed’s wishes and orders etc. etc.’. This is how the Muslims are implanted and why they are so rabid and willing to kill. Then of course trucks and machine guns payed by the American taxpayers are helping.
    Since the 50th Rockefeller and Rothschild has been playing the big game with aliens. They were in contact with the Macabians and the Andromedans. It is of course a bigger game to be in contact with many but also much more dangerous. Today there is contact with many extraterrestrial civilizations. Some are hostile and others are friendly. These extraterrestrials have taught Pentagon and some private military companies a lot about advanced technologies inclusive how to make energy machines.
    This universe is like a flat dish divided into sectors like a pizza. The Macab confederation consists of the 7 closest planets in our sector number 8 in direction to the North Star. As per an old agreement, if this confederation consists of 8 planets, they will rule the whole sector. I think this sector has around 70 inhabited planets. Life in Macab is like in old DDR but much worse. Everyone is spying on everyone etc. and send each other in jail. Parents do not dare to say anything to their children because if the child says something it means the parents have to go to jail etc. However, Macab has not managed to conquer Earth yet. It is one group of aliens Hillary and Rockefeller etc. are playing with still today, as far as I can understand. The men on Macab all have grey suits with white stripes and a tie, just as all important people here. The ladies all have a skirt in the same cloth going down to the middle of their knee. However, all these Reptiles are losing their power now and the whole game is over for them. Around 10 years ago, there was a civil war on Macab pushing out their evil government making the game of 8 planets to be over.
    The Andromedans where from one planet in the Andromeda star constellation. They had all bodies made by cloning in factories and not by sex as here. They had big eyes and just two holes as nose. The lungs and heart was just one organ etc. As all was made by cloning, they ran out of gene material and no new bodies could be made. (Just the same will happen with the corn of Monsanto, causing a big hunger catastrophe within some years). They all had very old bodies with only short time left. Here on Earth they tried to get new gene material to be able to create new bodies. It had been built big underground bunkers for them under many big cities like Frankfurt am M and Berlin and Essen and Stockholm and 17 in US and.. where they lived. The money for building all this was created by selling drugs in US by CIA. The purpose of this organization was just to take care of the extraterrestrials. As the bodies of the Andromedans were not made as yours and mine, the small ‘souls’ hanging on them where very upset. A friend of mine (dead today) was programming magnets until they had the message ‘you are free and can go where ever you wish’ etc. When these magnets where thrown into water, the water was also getting the same message. This was very unpleasant for their bodies making the Andromedans to decide to go back to their planet in Andromeda. (I saw it myself some 15 years ago in Sweden when a group of 8 UFO:s left their base under the water in the big lake Vänern and went back to their planet). Before, they bunkered water in their UFO:s to have during the journey but the water was ‘infested’ with information from these magnets When back, they emptied the tanks of water, which ran out in their rivers and lakes. Their computers there where biological computers, also only working because small souls where forced to sit in the circuits and act. When these souls understood they were free to go, they left and the whole computer system on that planet gave up. After that, it was not possible to buy anything like food in a shop as all was computerized, the electrical power system gave up, the water supply stopped to work etc. Now only some groups of religious people, working in the old manual way, live there today but the rest died. I got the feeling that these surviving people have just ‘old fashioned’ bodies like you and me.
    Do not forget that not far from Earth is the big mother ship of the Galac Paatra or Galactic Patrol with a diameter of around 20 km. They will not allow Macab or any other planet to take over here on Earth. We shall not be afraid of what the Macabians and similar groups are doing. There are many other groups of extraterrestrials here also like the ones in Paradise in California but they will also not be allowed to take control of this earth.
    I know all this sounds like science fiction – but it is the reality.
    Once very very long ago before it existed material and human bodies we had a meeting. The reptile / lizard Lucifer alias the Chinese general Sun, Buddha, the man behind the virgin of Orleans, Machiavelli, Cecil Rhodes, L Ron Hubbard called us to decide about start up the ‘very interesting’ game with planets and bodies etc. By having many souls thinking the same thought we could create something. We were creating planets and flowers and plants and animals in this way. It is by the way the same way Muhammed wants create a full Muslim society by having all the Muslims pray 5 times per day. At first, we also created Dinosaurian but the game was too harsh so we killed them and created human bodies instead. Different groups of souls created a little different bodies, like the white bodies, negro bodies, Chinese bodies, long skull bodies etc. Then we went into the bodies which was a very much smaller game. We also played it with a Civil War in US, first World War and a Second one, the Cold War, Korean war etc. All continued around 30 000 years when the game was over. Then we all met again and agreed upon to play the game a second time. All was going exactly as the first time until around 25 years ago. The first Golf War the first time was going on during 2 years. A submarine with a nervous commander with the family name Powel sent up a rocket with an atomic bomb that ‘cleaned’ a big part of Iraq. This time the war was only ½ a year as general Schwartzkopf was cleverer this time and always asked the pilots after every flight about what they saw, where was the enemy, where were the Frenchmen and where were the Englishmen and he did not only take the orders of Pentagon but did think himself and make his own decisions. After Bush Jr, the last Kennedy was elected as president but this time he did not even try of reasons only he knows. Instead the totally criminal Bill Clinton was elected. Now if not earlier, it was obvious for the Reptiles that times where changing and the ‘fate’ is not any longer predictable. The people predicting the future, are doing it by just looking at the first time. That does not work any longer. Now we can easily change the future against a much better one. That is what is going on, what you and Benjamin Fulford and some more are writing about.
    It will be very interesting to see what will happen now in a short future. What we see is the last fight where the reptiles are trying to continue their power but they are losing more and more.
    We all know that it is Soros with friends Rockefeller etc. who in reality are controlling this world. Behind them are three super lizards who are somewhere outside our planet Earth. It is the archangels Gabriel, Mikael and Rafael. Behind them are a group of lizards without body in this Universe, on the way to get eliminated. As there is no soul in a lizard but just opposite thoughts it was easy for these Archangels to control Soros with friends. However, we shall not worry or become afraid because of that. Also, these Super reptiles have lost most of their internal power as these opposite thoughts are taken out and also the reptiles behind are disappearing.
    I have not quite understood the role of the Farnese family. For me they are not running the evil games running here on Earth but they are just some chess figures controlled by the archangels Mikael, Gabriel and Rafael. and by the super reptiles in the back ground from the very first time. As the Farnese family remember the first game from the ‘Games of the Gods’ and the first time we played the game with planets and bodies and the two world wars etc. they knew where Washington DC will be created already some 100 years before it really was created. It all means that the different reptiles here on Earth are not just different souls/reptiles each one running his or her game but they are running the game of these super reptiles outside Earth and super reptilies in the very first time.
    Who is the biggest reptile here on Earth? It is Hillary! I have been told she (= her body) is executed which most probably is true. However, she seems to have the ability to create her body with bones and skin and muscles to make it look as if she is still alive and active. It is in reality our ability which she has taken from us. Now also she is losing her abilities as I have described above which means her game is also over.
    Do not be shocked of cannibalism among the Cabals = the reptiles or their pedophile actions. They are not like you and me but they are built up on only counter-ideas of the ideas of the Original Soul. You and me and the other real souls have once created ourselves. We created the planets, the nature and human bodies by all of us at the same time having the same idea. They were never involved in creating anything. Today all Muslims are at certain hours sitting down and think the same thought – Allah is the greatest and will take over this planet- etc. The reptile Muhammed knew very well why he had all Muslims have the same thought very strongly. The reptiles have not created the nature and not human bodies.
    The future is bright. We are winning! The reptiles are losing and that independent of if we undertake something or we just do nothing except drinking coffee and look at TV. Let us be happy!
    Regarding this with Dr. Horton and her problem. Also, I had a lot of problems with different mind control ‘machines’ in the past. When I left Scientology in the beginning of the 80th I got attacked by different persons and organizations. It was by KGB in Moskva and by the Scientology org in Copenhagen and Scientology Flag in US and a ‘high tech company’ just outside a military base somewhere in US etc., all orchestrad by this church. After some time, I learnt how to defend myself. If it was persons, I just sent back on their ‘communication line’ pictures from the incident when atomic bombs were blown up on Earth 75 million years ago and I mostly got a picture back showing an unconscious person, probably dead. One person I personally know about, got unconscious during 2 weeks and one landed in a hospital and got operated just after their and my attack. Was it devices as in the UN office in Vienna, I communicated with the souls captured inside the device and told them to go to the incident when they got in effect and then go back to a time just before. Then these souls understood that they were not trapped and they left and the device did not work anymore. In other cases, I just ‘mirrored’ the attack and that the device could not stand and it broke. In other cases, I sent everything back but at double the speed and it got silent at the other end. I do not know how to tackle the ‘directed energy weapon’ devices as I have not experienced them until now.
    When I left Scientology in 1982, I could feel 6 of my friends who were working for them, hanging in the air close to me. They, (the soul) had been soaked out of their body when the visited the summerhouse of L Ron Hubbard outside Los Angeles and another soul very pro Scientology had entered into the body. I helped my friends to get out of the trauma and get ‘normal’ again. I guess they all have a new body now. Also, I experienced once how somebody evil wanted to take over my body but he did not manage. I reduced the number of friends a lot a after that.
    One day we have to leave our body because of age or because of ‘accidents’. Now we have the choice to again run the game with a small body, later go to school, later start to work, marry, get children etc. Another choice is to go out to the universe we came from without bodies, matter and nature. My own father and three friends did just that. I will also do it one day when my body does not work any longer. It is 76 years old today and in a bad shape.

  6. DANKE PAULA! -Jedoch fehlen diese zwei angeblichen Fluchtlinge zum amerikanischen Kontinent (aus dem III.Reich) auf dieser bei DIR angegebenen website: history.com/news/the-7-most-notorious-nazis-who-escaped-to-south-america
    ES SIND HITLER und BORMANN (Erbe in Hitler’s privatem Testament)!
    DU hattest geschrieben: “including Hitler [escaped to S-America]” -Jene HISTORY website listet weder seinen Sekretar Bormann noch Hitler auf!
    Falls DU antworten willst, so kannst DU es auch in Englisch. Ich habe auf DEUTSCH geschrieben, weil DU geschrieben hast, dass DU eine geburtige Niederlanderin bist.
    {Solltest DU nicht Deutsch verstehen, lesen, so benutze G00GLE: German-English dictionary oder lass meinen Kommentar eben unbeantwortet }

  7. Thanks for this informative article! Every new fact we learn will help us take the right action. One question. You are Dutch but wrote “thank you” in German? Maybe you meant it that way, just seemed strange.

  8. Dear Paula,

    Thank you so much for your posts and the work you are choosing to do!
    I am reminded of the writing on toilet walls with the energy of some of the above comments, all that is missing are the football team names…..You have something to give and that is very precious. Pay no attention to the haters, they are empty and have nothing to give. You do! God Bless and keep you!

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