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Since I live in the Mexican Caribbean, I thought you’d may be interested in the current Mexican political situation against the geo-political situation in general and the United States specifically. Well, at this moment I have one thing to say: “It’s bad!”

Mexico is famous for its Mexican Cuisine declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Mexico is famous for being the friendliest country in the world. That’s true! I’ve never seen so many strangers just hug and kiss each other. Mexico is famous for its artists like Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, its music like the Mariachi’s or the romantic boleros like ‘Besame Mucho’, its actors, writers and poets, its incredible diversity in flora and fauna, the ancient Mayan and Aztec ruins, and of course Tequila!

But it’s no secret that the people of Mexico have suffered enormously from their corrupt governments and drug cartel wars that have cost the lives of some estimated 150,000 people since 2006.

Before we go any further into politics I want to remind you again to bring the Illuminati, Cabal, Deep State conspiracy of a Luciferian One World Order into view when talking about politics. The traitors created fascism and communism to foment world wars to force the acceptance of a one-world government trap in the shape of the U.N. which charter was copied word for word from the ‘Communist Manifesto’, the Russian constitution, written by Satanist Karl Marx. For more than a century every level of federal government has been infiltrated to realize a final satanic WWIII, a nuclear Armageddon.

Knowing that this diabolical scheme is being executed in the U.S., it mustn’t come as a surprise that these same forces have implemented this same satanic conspiracy in Mexico, facilitating a well-oiled traffic system of guns, drugs, humans, and most importantly: children.

I must admit that my focus has always been on American politics and its relation to the rest of the world. Living in Mexico I had seen one corrupt puppet president after the other and didn’t pay much attention to their empty promises. That was until I created the 4-part Illuminati conspiracy series and studied the 5-part series of the Edge of Wonder on the Cult of Communism. Without even looking at Venezuela I learned that socialism never works and is always the precursor to communism.

Mexico’s new president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who took office some 6 months ago had promised change in fighting government corruption and cartel violence. The Mexican people, weary of the constant violence, murders, kidnappings and disappearances of dissident students and journalists welcomed him with open arms. Is this president the Mexican version of a Deep State puppet, only allowed to further the satanic NWO agenda, which has communism at its core?

Well, guess what? President Obrador is a full-blown socialist, a Mexican Bernie Sanders. Alarm bells should be ringing very loud. Here are article 1 and article 2, which detail Obradors attack on Mexico’s democracy by imposing broad government control of the economy, destroying independent institutions, relentlessly attacking the press, and the checks and balances that allow a democracy to function.

Of course the collaboration between American and Mexican Deep State operatives didn’t start with president Obrador. Since Mexico continues to be the deadliest country for journalists worldwide that is not engaged in armed conflict – and the U.S. has the dubious honor of being among the top 5 – I’m simply going to brush on the story of a president who is now a household name through the popular Netflix series ‘The Candidate’.

Carlos Salinas’ presidency from 1988 to 1994 was riddled with fraud, corruption, abuse of power and mysterious assassinations, of which the one of Luis Donaldo Colosio, a new presidential candidate that threatened the corrupt establishment with a pro-democracy view, was the most infamous one.

The next person of interest is the son of former president Carlos Salinas, the handsome Harvard graduate Emiliano Salinas.

Ask any Mexican who is the most powerful man in Mexico. You thought Carlos Slim? On paper maybe the richest, but many Mexicans will claim that the Salinas family are among most powerful people in Mexico. Assuming that the son of one the most notorious presidents simply lived a gay and dandy life, would be the same as thinking that the daughter of the witch of Washington is the essence of virtue with her inverted cross and Twitters to the Church of Satan.

Then it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Emiliano Salinas is knee deep involved in the illegal transportation of under age children across borders for immoral exploitation, as official head of the Mexican branch of NXIVM. Never heard of NXIVM? When the media is complicit in the crimes of the Deep State, breaking headlines are downplayed to mere articles about an obscure ‘sex cult’.

Well, let me fill you in on something that should be headlines all over MSM, but is merely reported on as a sex cult. This was not a cult. This was a sex-trafficking operation disguised as a self-improvement organization, who trafficked, tortured and raped woman and children, and produced child pornography. Even these details shouldn’t have caused headlines if it wasn’t for the fact that this time very prominent and famous people were involved. Think of Seagram heiress Clair Bronfman, actress Allison Mack, politicians Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand and of course the Clintons.

And let’s not forget the Dalai Lama himself who endorsed the organization for the measly sum of 1 million dollars, after a secret deal between the Seagram billionaire heiress Sara Bronfman and her Buddhist celibate U.S. emissary lover Lama Tenzin Donden. And why is such an organization running 12 child day care centers?

Of course the handsome Emiliano Salinas denied any involvement in the accusations of which founder Keith Raniere has been found guilty, even though Salinas and his partner Betancourt ran NXIVM Mexico under the personal direction of Raniere. The US attorney’s Office even called Salinas as one of Raniere’s ‘co-conspirators’. I think that the chances he’ll continue to run around a free man are slim. And Carlos Slim will have it coming pretty soon as well. And if you thought that Hollywood actress Alison Mack was a big fish, wait for the name Rachel Chandler, which I covered in the episode From Russia with Love, times one hundred.

Let’s move from the highly suspicious elite ‘pretty boy’ Salinas back to our Deep State puppet president Obrador. Playa del Carmen was honored with his visit last week. We were all looking forward to hear his standpoint on the problems the Riviera Maya has been facing the past 2 years, which has caused the decline of tourism with some 50 percent. The result is that many small businesses, including my own Mexican restaurant, have been forced to close their doors. No! No more tacos Cochinita Pibil. Ni modo! Vamos adelante! Empezamos de nuevo!

The continuously growing cartel violence is certainly an aspect, but since tourists and tourist areas barely have been affected, it’s not the main culprit of less tourism. And we can’t expect from an incoming president to reach such swift results in fighting cartel crime, especially when you take the underlying diabolical conspiracy in consideration. But the biggest problem our pristine beaches have been facing for at least 2 years now is the ever- growing carpets of seaweed called ‘Sargasso’ that have been washing up our shores in excessive amounts.

Disproportionate quantities of nutrients from agriculture pollutants seem to be the main cause, originating from Brazil, Afrika and the Southern rivers of the US. At sea these eco-systems serve its function, but once washed ashore the material starts to rot and produces sulfuric acid when not removed. The damage to our reefs and corals, the mangroves, the turtle populations and the cenote eco systems is potentially disastrous.

But the damage to our economy has already been done. Even if swift action would be taken today – and it’s just a matter of dinero – it would still take years for us to recuperate. Nevertheless, the Mexicans are proud but humble and hard-working people. With hope for our future we listened to Obradors speech, only to hear with utter shock that he dismissed our problem as a situation that occurs in several countries, and that the sargassum situation and other issues are being ‘magnified’ in order to make his administration look bad.

Mister President. You really think this ‘situation’ is about you and your administration? This crisis is about helping the Mexican people to survive this tragedy, economically and ecologically. Mexico was to expect close to 48 million tourists in 2019. Do you know how much money that generates when tourism is responsible for almost 9% of the GDP? Why don’t you set up a meeting with your socialist colleague Bernie Sanders and do the math?

Maybe you can give him some advice on how to groom his hair.

Alright, Donald can use some help as well.

But you gotta admit, that tariff deal did the trick in helping everybody deal with this immigration crisis. I mean, what are you going to do about 35,000 Africans attempting to travel through Mexico towards the US border? But that subject is for another episode.

See you for my debut at Beach Club Lido the 17th!!!


  1. Obrador is not perfect but he is a big improvement over past presidents. Unlike them he lives a frugal lifestyle, he has taken on the white collar thieves at Pemex, he has raised minimum wages, he’s trying to reorganize the federales, he’s trying not to get into a word war with Trump. Don’t you like these things Paula? Jack s big hello to Honza. Pps I thought you voluntarily got out of restaurant business?? Pps how are tom and Joanne doing?

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