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When I placed this picture on Facebook I promised I would post a few more photos of the shoot in my blog, as they all show nipples and I don’t want to be banned from Facebook, especially during these exciting times that the 30,000 sealed indictments are being unsealed and the most notorious sex trafficking paedophiles are being rounded up.


Often the last photo turns out the best. This was the last shot Sari Erdos took, and it is one of my favourites. I’ve called that photograph HOPE. To me it shows the little girl inside of me; a scared child; feeling worthless and hopeless. It also shows the woman inside of me; a vulnerable but strong warrior, fighting for justice and hopeful for the future.


This photo reminds me of the Egyptian goddess Isis, the patron saint of women, mothers and children. The children. How appropriate.


This was the first shot of the session. I’ve called that photograph BALANCE. In the year 2000 I received my first taste of yoga in India and I’ve been practising yoga ever since. Yoga has saved my life. It has saved me from drowning in depression. It has saved me from debilitating panic and anxiety attacks. I always tell my yoga students that the strong body is nothing but a bonus. But a nice bonus indeed. Looking closer at the photo I realized that the right side of my face is covered in scars. No need to explain how they got there. They are part of who I am.


I’ve called this photograph LITTLE FLOWER. It’s the title of a song I’m working on. The lyrics are coming along, but the melody will take a little longer.


Sometimes people ask me if I miss my country, Holland. No, I don’t. It’s a country I never really felt home for the simple reason that I dance too wild and I laugh too loud for the Dutch folks.

The rest of the photographs are called SEDUCTION.


Not only have we’ve been creative in the photography department, the past few months we’ve worked very hard in creating a video about El Jardin’s ‘Noche de Divas’. Many times before we’ve worked with Martin Wetheril, the Australian videographer. It was a wonderfully creative collaboration again.

Here’s the video Martin made for the Amarte Maroma Project, some 4 years ago..

Here’s the trailer of the documentary Martin created 6 years ago.

And here is the full documentary called ‘To sing for your Supper’. I know it’s a little long for today’s attention span, but still wanted to include the video.

This time Martin and I worked very closely together. Because he didn’t really knew any of the songs, he handed me every single clip he filmed. I then categorized over one hundred videos from six different shows and subsequently returned the exact footage and sequence to Martin.

The first video gives a general promotion of our show, with 5 different performers. The second video has more of a documentary element in it, as it shows many behind the scenes footage. I must admit I’m really proud with the result. I’ve been able to create a beautiful stage with a specific style of music and matching dresses. Not to mention the many talented performers who have walked into our restaurant for an audition.

We took a little break, but restaurant El Jardin will open it’s doors again on Monday June 4.


Friday June 8 we’ll continue with our ‘Noche de Divas’, introducing Miss Vronze, a possible new diva who is auditioning for a spot on our stage.


No politics? Well, at this moment I only have one message: Follow the Q Phenomenon.


The writing is on the wall. It is time to stand up for what you believe in. Time is up. Let’s put an end to government corruption together. Follow the white rabbit to the Great Awakening. You are the storm and the storm has arrived.


If you are in the know about the Q Phenomenon, I don’t need to explain more. You probably have your citizen journalist sources, like YouAreFreeTV or our all time favourite Jordan Sather from DestroyingTheIllusion. For obvious reasons the Google Gestapo has terminated his YouTube channel for misleading content. Still, his and our voice will not be silenced. Not this time.

I found a very recent interview with Jordan Sather from the channel of Economy of World. Jordan gives a clear explanation of his view on QAnon and the geo political state of this planet, at this very moment.





Since my last 2 blogs have been published on a very large alternative media website called Galactic Connection, I’ve decided to focus more on (exo) political news.

galactic connection

Let me repeat again where I find my news sources. There a 2 daily blogs that come out with a variety of headlines to choose from. Those are:

Galactic Connection 

Stillness in the Storm

I wish I had time to read every single article and watch every single video, but there are a few people we follow closely. Those are:

 Simon Parkes. 

 David Wilcock

 Corey Goode

And there’s a new, very bright, kid on the block, a bad ass ‘connecting the dots’ dude, or independent freelance journalist. His name is Jordan Sather and his YouTube channel is called Destroying the Illusion.  But more about him later on.

So, what happened this past month that is of importance?

After my last show an older gentleman walked up to me and said: “The way you express yourself when you sing, you remind me of Maria Callas.” Little did he know that I had just finished a 500 plus page hard cover biography on Callas.


Besides her incredible voice and musical knowledge, her talent was indeed her dramatic expressiveness that made her roles come alive. She was also known for the many scandals that surrounded her. But more than often it was the media that jumped to conclusions, which were not favourable for miss Callas. Honest stories don’t sell so well, and scandal, even if it’s fabricated, does.

In the current state of (exo) political affairs I see the same thing happening. People are jumping to conclusions, based on mainstream media intel. Even in the alternative media circuit not everybody is seeing the bigger picture, especially regarding Trump. I had a gut feeling that the Trump administration is playing a 4D chess game, so to speak, and is simply distracting their opponents, the Deep State.

This chess strategy was presented by Jordan Sather.

This chess strategy was presented by Jordan Sather.

This theory was confirmed when I came across Jordan Sather. Normally he gets around 5,000 views on his videos, but this particular one got over 50,000 views and a compliment of an ex-CIA agent and whistle blower Robert David Steele.

Have a look at this video and see if it resonates with you.

Then I came across another video that confirmed again that we’re on the right path. This one is from Bix Weir called The Good guys are still Charge. Just the 1st few minutes will give you an idea.

In short: The goodies are fighting the baddies, and the baddies are loosing. Is Trump a good guy? I don’t know. He’s certainly not a very likeable guy. But that doesn’t matter. His administration is doing the job: fighting the Deep State.

Why do we need to fight the Deep State, or the dark Cabal, or the ruling Elite?

Because they want a New World Order, a totalitarian Police State, with it’s population being nothing but mind controlled slaves.

12 - Visual Representation - New World Order Hierarchy 11

Because they don’t want you to know about the Secret Space Programs that have been developed since WWII, which technologies would change our life overnight. Movies like Star trek and Star Wars are nothing but documentaries.


Because they don’t want you to know about our galactic ancestors, or the incredible variety of extra terrestrial races that our governments have been working with.

et races

Now, here’s the tricky part: there are also malevolent extra terrestrial races. Races that feed from our fear, an energy called ‘loosh’. Can you imagine that those races have been working together with the dark Cabal, creating war after war, false flag after false flag attack? I hope you get the picture and are connecting the dots.


I hope you also get the picture of that pyramid and who’s on top of that pyramid. That’s right. That’s Lucifer or Satan. In other words, the ruling Elite is serving Satan, which makes them Satanists. And how do they serve Satan? By raping, torturing and ritually sacrificing children.

13 Days of Preparation April 19th - May 1st MEME

And here we have landed again on the subject of pedophilia or the infamous #pedogate or #pizzagate You may have noticed that there are pedophiles that get off by having sex with children, ranging in the age a few months to 17 year old.  But then there are the satanic pedophiles that perform the most unspeakable acts on children of all ages, all in the name of serving Satan.

Why is it possible that these horrific and devastating acts have been going unnoticed for so long?

For one, the perpetrators move in the highest circles, covering each other’s back. I’m talking about Royalty, presidents, governors, senators, judges, police sheriffs, and the like. Even Child Protection Services, orphanages and juvenile detention centres are involved.

Second, you can’t believe this is happening. You simply deny it, saying: “Then why doesn’t anybody know about this?” Because it’s happening within highest circles. And because many investigators and journalist die an untimely death.

For example, Max Spiers, who was investigating a US army pedophile ring, suddenly died, vomiting 2 litres of black fluid. Here’s the article:

British conspiracy theorist who was found dead on a sofa in Poland was ‘investigating an alleged US Army pedophilia ring’ just before his death.

Or even more recently, 2 investigators of Trey Gowdy, who’s leading the investigation on #Pedogate, simply vanished. Here’s the article:

Two of Trey Gowdy’s investigators vanish amid pedophile investigation.

Or have a look at Trey Gowdy, holding back tears talking about the images of children being sexually assaulted, something that can never be erased from your mind.

Still, you don’t want to take these allegations seriously. Why? Because you are in fear of the pain. The pain of realising what’s happening to these hundreds of thousands of trafficked children. Because once you take this story seriously, it will haunt you every single day. There’s not a day that goes by I don’t think of these poor children. You can never again look at a sweet 4-year old girl with the innocent eyes you did before. And that hurts. It really does.


If you are still in doubt about the reality of this pedophile epidemic, then I have a few clear videos for you.

The video 'Pedophiles Rule the World' was removed.

The video ‘Pedophiles Rule the World’ was removed.

Oops, that one was removed by YouTube. Go figure.

But here’s a blog from a British girl who did 7 short videos on the subject, until she got threatened and stopped producing these videos. They haven’t removed it yet, so be quick.

Pizzagate videos everyone must watch 

Now the mainstream media is starting to trickle articles on pedophiles running child trafficking rings being arrested, preparing your mind to the possibility that such practices exist, and to get you angry and upset.

First there’s an article on the U.N. peacekeepers that ran a child trafficking ring, without any body ever being arrested. Here’s the article:

UN peacekeepers caught running massive child sex ring, not one person jailed.


Then there was an article about the sexual abuse at a famous elite boarding school Choate. Here’s the article:

Devastating report finds decades of sexual misconduct at elite boarding school Choate

Finally we’re also seeing a few arrests. Not the big ones like John and Tony Podesta or the Clintons. Not yet. But expect a lot of arrests in the near future, as it is estimated that between 35% and 50% of government officials are involved in pedophilia. Now you understand how the dark Cabal has been able to control its people in politics. Through blackmail. Jeffrey Epstein’s famous orgy island was especially created for these purposes.

Here’s an article of one of the first politicians convicted of child rape:

First Official Tied to Elite Pedophile Ring Pleads Guilty to Child Rape

Here’s another article on the arrest of a retired general who worked for Dyncorp, the private military contractor at the heart of numerous international child sex scandals:

Army General & Fmr VP of Company at the Heart of Child Sex Trafficking Scandal Arrested for Child Rape

And there’s an article on the sentencing of a former NYPD Sergeant called:

Former New York City Police Department Sergeant Sentenced To 28 Years In Prison For Conspiring To Sexually Exploit Children

And can somebody please explain to me why the badge of the LA County Sheriff has a widely known pedophilia sign on it? Here’s the article:

Why does the LA County Sheriff Badge have a Pedophilia Symbol on it – 5 times? 



The swamp needs to be drained from those sick psychopaths. Especially the, by the Vatican-led, Ninth Circle sacrificial cult. On April 30, the satanic festival of Beltane or Walpurgis Night, hundreds of children will be ritually tortured and killed. This will happen in 9 cities in Europe and the U.S.

This report comes from The International Tribunal of Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) Here’s the article:

Impending child killings by Ninth Circle exposed

Here’s a short statement from Kevin Annett who works for the ITCCS.

In response to these impending crimes, the International Common Law Court has invoked its Papal Nullification Order of April 20, 2014 that disestablished the Vatican and its authority.

In the past, because of this ‘papal nullification, on August 15, 2014 a Ninth Circle ritual was stopped in Montreal by a special ITCCS team. Here’s the article:

Child Sacrificial Cult Disrupted, Arrests made in Montreal

And I’m not even starting to talk about a pedophile ring, 70,000 members strong, also known as the Red Circle. Here’s the article on Veterans Today:

VT Exclusive: Largest Pedophile Ring in History, 70,000 Members, Heads of State, the Rats Scramble

If you want to read more about the history of child sexual abuse and sacrifice in the Vatican, there’s an excellent article to read.

The whore of Babylon.

Can we now please stop talking about these horrific practices? But of course! Because as soon as these bastards are put away for their heinous crimes, and nobody is being blackmailed anymore to further the dark Cabals agenda, we’ll have Full Disclosure.

full disclosure

What does that mean? That means we’ll finally meet our Galactic ancestors and family. That means that we will finally have access to all the technology developed at the Secret Space Programs during the past 75 years. I’m talking about replication technology, healing technology, and free energy technology, to start with.

I mean, where do you think that those missing $100 Trillion Dollars went to? That’s your tax money. You have a right to know.

Are the people ready for this information? I certainly think so; if you take into account that the most viewed FBI file is about UFO’s. Here’s the article called:

The Most Viewed File In The FBI Vault Shows Us What The World Is Really Interested In Right Now.


Finally the mainstream is preparing you for a new future, article by article, which we call soft disclosure.

space craft

Here’s an article of Nasa funding sci-fi projects:

NASA funds 22 sci-fi proposals that could ‘expand how we explore the universe’

Air Force

Here’s another one on the Space Air Force called:

From ‘world police’ to galactic protector? US Air Force may deploy aircraft to SPACE in the future to protect emerging economy between Earth and the Moon


And here is one article on Space Mining called:

Goldman Sachs says mining platinum from asteroids is a ‘realistic’ way for bankers to earn BILLIONS

If you want to know more about the Secret Space Programs I suggest you follow Corey Goode of the Sphere Being Alliance. He’s a whistle blower who has been on such a program for 20 years. Here is the website:

Corey in Sphere

 What can we do at this moment to speed up the process of Full Disclosure?

Very simple. Go within. Meditate. Forgive. Become a loving and kind person. Be of service to others: children, people, or animals.

Practice the Ho’oponopono prayer: I’m Sorry. Please Forgive. I Love You. Thank You.


Did you know that if enough people would meditate with loving and forgiving thoughts, we could stop every single war overnight?

 Mass meditation

Here’s an interesting article on the subject called:

The Great Work: Healing the World with Collective Meditation

I prefer to meditate by myself though. Recently my husband and I have joined Cobra with his weekly Sunday meditation. Cobra can actually be an interesting person  to look into as well. This is the guided meditation from Cobra, although I apply my own version.

Have a look at this video.  Remember: We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!

Let’s move from Space back to Earth, actually back to our restaurant El Jardin.

Next week we’ll start with a Karaoke for kids (and moms). Every Wednesday afternoon from 3 pm to 6 pm our stage is ready to receive aspiring young singers on our stage. We’ll have a dance teacher and a juggling teacher to further inspire these kids.

kinder karaoke copia RGB

And last week I appeared in The Playa Times, a local newspaper, with a truly beautiful interview about my work. It’s called:

Wake up your Life with the Dutch Diva.

I want to end this blog with the comment that I was blocked from Facebook for 24 hours after posting the following video. It’s called:

 Pussy Over Pain.

You will enjoy this one.

Be safe and let’s pray for those kids!

















































The other day I was talking with my Mayan chef Emiliano about the fact that within many of the indigenous communities the gay members of their tribe are called Two-Spirited People, and are even considered sacred and are highly revered.

 two spirit

Within moments my chef confided in me that he likes to dress like a woman, and has actually performed on stage. Soon there after the idea was born to organize a real ‘Transvestite Show’ at El Jardin, or as they say in Mexico: ‘Noche de Fantasia’. We had no idea what to expect, but our chef united quite a few members of his ‘Drag Queen’ circle and 6 performers were lined up for the evening.

To refresh your memory, this is how our chef looks like during the day.

Chef Emiliano & Elvis

And this is what he looked like that night, transformed into Valeria Castelly Miranda.


And this is Arlette Bracamontes impersonating Rocio Dulta


And this Taylor de Luna impersonating Jenny Rivera


There was also a Tina Tuner, a Beyonce, an Alejandra Guzman and a Lady Gaga. In other words, there was great variety, and above all, the quality of the performers was far above our expectations. And I had lots of fun introducing them all to our captivated audience.


In other words, it was such a great success that we have decided to repeat this show once a month. The next one will be on Tuesday the 16th of August. Be square and be there!

El JardiěnFLYERb copia2

Something else that I’m more than excited about is that the publishing date of my next book is coming closer and closer. The content and the new cover have been submitted with Amazon, approved, and now we’re waiting for the shipment with a proof read of the actual paper book. Since we live in Mexico that shipment can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks. That’s also the reason why it’s complicated to set a publishing date.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00005]

Here’s the description on the back cover:

Book 4 of The Queen’s Saga can be read independently from the previous 3 installments. Paula Liebe continues to describe the dream she and her husband Honza are living against the backdrop of the lush tropical surroundings of the Mexican Riviera Maya. In their latest adventures, they continue to experience everything life has to offer, from spiritual highs like Honza’s visitation by hundreds of extraterrestrial beings, to terrifying lows wherein they were challenged to withstand evil and corruption.  Paula’s books are always filled with a treasure of well-researched information about the true history of the human race, and past and current visitations of highly advanced extra terrestrial civilizations, and this 4th book is no exception. In order to release ourselves from the global turmoil we find ourselves in today, it is essential that we learn about our Galactic ancestors. Paula writes in her typically face paced style, brutally honest, and with a few sexual revelations that can’t be missed.

As soon as the paper version has received a final editing round, then the file will be conversed and formatted for an Ebook version, for a Kindle or any other reading device.


This is the 1st review I have received so far:

“Paula’s writing flows like water, so easy to read and easy to follow. I couldn’t stop reading and reading until I was finished. I laughed and I cried, and basically fell in love with her and her stories. This is her best piece of work. It is perfect. It is timeless. It’s one of her many masterpieces. She’s my hero!”


Good things come to those who wait…

El Jardin's 1st Year Anniversary Invitation

Can you believe it?

This coming Wednesday March the 16th El Jardin is celebrating its 1st year anniversary!

Needless to say that we’re throwing a big party with a large free Mexican buffet and DJ Greco will join us for some dance tunes.

You know we like our parties early and you know where to find us.


We’re happy to share with you that  El Jardin is doing well.

From Tripadvisor we have been receiving (almost) nothing but 5 star reviews. Here’s a nice one titled:


Great food, charming hosts and an oasis in the busyness of downtown Playa del Carmen. El Jardin, located behind thick stone walls and amidst towering palms, a tricking stream and small gardens is an extraordinary treat. The food is fresh, delicious, well-portioned, but the real treat is the live music on Friday evenings. Paula, one of your hosts at El Jardin has a stunning voice and repertoire–ranging from blues, to Jazz to soft rock and sentimental favourites. She also mentors local singers and regularly features local divas and the occasional divo. A night to remember and repeat.

We also receive much clientele from the site

Seth, the owner of that site, is a big fan and recently he even taped a short video.

We were also featured in a video made for PlayaPalms Condos and this clip gives a nice impression of our Noche de Divas, and some of our food styles. Yes, when the video was taped it was cold, hence the turtleneck.

Another big event in the history of El Jardin was the recording of an episode of Chef Rick Bayless’ ‘One Plate at the Time’, one time winner of Top Chef. On a Friday morning a crew of 16 people entered El Jardin and set up their stage in the kitchen of our Funky House. At the end of the day we received a signed copy of one of Rick’s cookbooks and in return he received a copy of my yoga DVD.

photo (4)

Guess what? He’s an avid yoga practitioner


He has a great sense of humour too.

Here’s a 1.30 minute ‘behind the scenes’ video clip of that specific day. They’ve edited it in such a way that it appears I’ve completely ruined Chef Rick Bayless’ recordings with singing Edith Piaf in the background.

All in all it was a great experience, but the only thing that we were rather disappointed with was the fact that the production team never told us that they would be entering our property with a professional production team to film an episode of a very famous chef. They booked our airbnb ‘Funky House downtown Playa’ without mentioning what is was intended for. Both Honza and I have had experience in the film production business, and we both know that a contract is presented before hand, and not after the filming. We also know that the price for a location is slightly more than an economic airbnb. In short; we felt cheated. And no matter how famous you are, this is simply not done. Period.


Blue Avian, one of the 5 races of the Sphere Being Alliance

Blue Avian, one of the 5 races of the Sphere Being Alliance

Last but not least – and I’ve mentioned this before – I want to bring to your attention again that Honza was visited by hundreds of extra terrestrial sphere beings last year.

In one of my previous blogs I’ve posted a video that gives a good impression how these sphere beings look like. If you’ve missed it, here’s the video:

Within the Sphere Being Alliance there are 5 different races.  The actual sphere beings are one these races, and so are the Blue Avians, of which I have placed an image. The Sphere Being Alliance is playing a very important role in the current transition process of planet Earth moving from a ‘war zone’ into a free, thriving and peaceful planet.

If you’ve missed the documentary Thrive, here’s another chance.

The technology to heal every single person from any imaginary disease is at our fingertips. So is the technology to clean our water, our air and the earth crust. And so is the technology to free ourselves from the control of the petrol industry and subsequently the financial tyranny of which we have been slaves.


So where is all this technology? As you may very well know, I’ve been studying these matters for many, many years. Countless books I’ve read, and Honza and I have been following certain scientist, journalists and bloggers  for many years. A little over a year ago we started reading about whistle-blowers who – with fear of their own lives – were reporting about Secret Space Programs; Colonies on the moon, Mars and other locations that had been operating since the ‘50s.


The reason why these space programs were secret is because without this knowledge we could be controlled much easier.

Don’t you think you have a right to know where your taxpayer money went?

Don’t you think you have a right to know what kind of technology they have developed with your money?

Don’t you think you have a right to access to that technology, for which you paid?

Don’t you think it’s time to ask questions?

You know you’re too smart and too intelligent not to start asking questions.

Many of your questions will be answered in the following article, which gives an insightful overview of the history of this solar system, and the history of the Secret Space Programs, and which role you can play in the liberation of this planet. Here’s a link to that article. It takes about 2 hours to read.


 Don’t you think it’s time to reclaim your freedom?

Remember… you are part of the solution.


It’s time for full Disclosure!



It’s been a few months since I wrote a blog. Why? There simply wasn’t alot to write about.

El Jardin survived the slowest months of the year. This period gave us the opportunity to add a few artistic details to our decor.





Close up

Close up

Other side of the bar

Other side of the bar

Kitchen with a selection of decorations

Kitchen with a selection of decorations

The decorations at the entrance you're familiar with.

The decorations at the entrance you’re familiar with.

Now with the addition of a sign and a menu of the entrance door.

Now with the addition of a sign and a menu of the entrance door.

Our new sign

Our big new outdoor sign

sign 2

Our new menus.

Our new breakfast menu

The rest of the menu.

And here are a few artistic mobiles created by the Dutch artist Anna Liz Spann.

Mobile created by the Dutch artist Anna Liz Spann

2 Mobiles hanging at the stage

This period also gave us the time to find the right people to strengthen our team.

Anna, Marce, Carlos and Emiliano in the background with his sister helping him out.

Anna, Marce, Carlos and Emiliano in the background with his sister helping him out.

Chef Emiliano is now assisted by Elvis, who is expecting his first daughter this coming January.

Emiliano & Oscar

Emiliano & Elvis

Our waitress Anna is now assisted by Oscar, a young yoga teacher who knows how to charm the ladies, and who blended  just perfectly in our family with his quirky sense of humor, and like Anna; an equally original sense of clothing.

Anna & Oscar

Anna & Oscar

Nevertheless, El Jardin’s ‘Noche de Divas’ has been an ongoing success throughout the low season. Divas have left our stage; new divas have appeared, and surprisingly talented I might say.

I always love to sing classical repertoire with the talented soprano Victoria Carpio

Daniel Villareal made his debut last Friday and we’re planning many more duets.

Feliz Navidad was a great song to get everybody in the Christmas mood. But so was Eartha Kitt’s famous ‘Santa Baby’. I feel sorry I don’t get to sing it until next year. Ni modo.

Then a blogger called Janicita posted a video and wrote the following about last Friday: “In Playa Del Carmen, while you can enjoy readily the sun, sea and sand, there is not much of an arts and culture scene in this beach town. But one night, what a surprise discovery of live jazz and cabaret in a magical garden! Janicita is proud to present to you the ‘Divas of El Jardin”, live every Friday evening from 7-9pm!”

The only thing that disturbed our peace was the arrival of our new neighbours. When we signed the lease we accepted the fact that during the winter months a retired Canadian couple would stall their motor in our patio. Canadians and a motorbike; what’s not to like? Except when that bike doesn’t have 2 wheels, but 5. And… when it comes with a Spiderman design. And…  when those 2 Canadians refuse to speak English, because they are from Quebec. We peacefully ignore and avoid each other.

Spiderman vehicle

Spiderman vehicle.

Spiderman in full glory.

Spiderman in full glory.

Pedal in the shape of spiderweb.

Pedal in the shape of spiderweb.

We're not sure of Jesus believes in Spiderman.

We’re not sure of Jesus believes in Spiderman.

Talking about Jesus, it’s the time of year where we celebrate Christmas with our loved ones. We hope you are all having a wonderful time during these festive days, filled with joy and laughter.


Making my husband beautiful

Applying the final touches.

You look so beautiful.

You look so beautiful.

Merry Christmas to you all.

Merry Christmas to you all.

Not only do we want to wish you Merry Christmas.

We also have a wish for you for the New Year:


El_jardin_0031 copy

And we have another wish for you for the New Year:


It’s time that you free yourselves from the shackles of this prison planet. It’s time for Disclosure. It’s time that you demand the truth from your governments. The truth about historical and ongoing visitations from highly intelligent extra terrestrial races. And the truth about extensive Secret Space Programs where every imaginable technology is available; technologies that can help us heal our planet and heal ourselves.

For many of you this all may sound strange (to put it mildly) but I have been studying this material for well over 20 years. The evidence out there on the Internet is overwhelming.

The website of David Wilcock, called, is an example of one that Honza and I have been following for a long time, and we’ve read all his books. He’s a brilliant researcher, lecturer and author, and the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet.

Another website of interest is, where you can find more information on the Secret Space Programs and the Sphere Beings that have visited Honza earlier this year.

For people who are relatively new to all this matter there is an excellent video that takes you through the rabbit hole from the start in a visually very clear way.

This planet and humanity is going through a very difficult time. But realise that we are part of the solution. And the 1st step towards a peaceful world is knowing the truth. The truth about who you are, where you came from and why you are here. Give yourself some time to inform yourselves. Please.

El_jardin_0014 copy



The biggest change in our lives was the visit of Honza’s 2 sons; Marnix aged 19 and Floris aged 17.

Marnix (right) & Floris (left)

Marnix (right) & Floris (left)

When Honza and I rekindled our love 8 years ago we had spent a wonderful summer in Prague and in Honza’s summer house, his chalupa, where I met his 2 sons.

Marnix (right) and Floris (left) aged 9 and 11.

Floris (left) and Marnix (right) aged 9 and 11.

Immediately they fell in love with my dog Guapo.

Immediately they fell in love with my Mexican dog Guapo.

Water biking on the Moldau with Guapo in the background

Water biking on the Moldau with Guapo in the background.

Enjoying lunch along in Prague along the Moldau. (check the light spot above Honza head)

Enjoying lunch  in Prague along the Moldau. (check the light spot above Honza’s head)

Father and Son.

Father and Son.

Father and Son.

Father and Son.

We got along pretty good.

We got along pretty good.

The following year we spent another beautiful summer in the Czech mountains.

Marnix (left) and Floris (right) 1 year later.

Floris (left) and Marnix (right) 1 year later.

Preparing the nightly bonfire in front of our chalupa.

Preparing the nightly bonfire in front of our chalupa.

Hours and hours we talked around the pile of flames.

Hours and hours we talked staring into the flames and towards the stars.

Resting on a bench at the village of Vrachlabi.

Resting on a bench at the village of Vrchlabi. (Marnix calling  his mom and Guapo came along again the 2nd year)

Father and Son.

Father and Son.

Father and Son.

Father and Son.

We always had so much fun!

We always had so much fun!

Honza & Paula happy.

Honza & Paula happy.

The Boys playing around.

The Boys happy.

This summer we simply picked  things up where we had left them, nearly 7 years ago.

At the family table of El Jardin.

At the family table of El Jardin.

We truly had a  wonderful time getting to know each other again.

At Isla Mujeres enjoying a beer in crystal clear Caribean waters.

At Isla Mujeres enjoying a beer in crystal clear Caribean waters.

Eating pizza at WahWah's after a long day at sea swimming with whalesharks.

At WahWah’s after a long day at sea swimming with whale sharks.

Seeing dad at work during a Noche de Divas at El Jardin.

At El Jardin seeing dad at work during a Noche de Divas.

And the kids got a little drunk (including Paula), but dad got us home safely.

At Rick’s birthday party at beach club Zenzi where the kids got a little drunk (including Paula) , but dad got us home safely.

In other words… we had a incredible time, and they’ll be back next year!

Good Times!

Good Times!

Better Times!

Better Times!

Another change was the decision of our Cuban soprano to choose a future that did not involve the family of El Jardin. A week after this photoshoot she decided not to return.

Getting in the mood to sing like Carmen.

IMG_3606 copyIMG_3618 copy

When this door closed, many new doors opened. Every week we offer more variety and more singers at the stage of El Jardin, and my dear old friend Ted Rhodes and newly discovered soprano Victoria Carpio perform with me every single week. We even offer an open mic after the 1st set and so far we’ve been surprised by a very lovely Argentinian soprano.

Ted Rhodes and in the background Victoria Carpio singing a duet.

Ted Rhodes and in the background Victoria Carpio singing a duet.



Proud of the singers on our stage.

Proud of the singers on our stage.





Another change involved our chef.

Chef, paula en Honza

We had appeared in another great food blog from Buy Playa.

Nevertheless, his uncontrolled alcohol consumption was affecting our business, so we had to let him go.

Within a week we had found another Mayan chef; young, talented and creative. His steady boyfriend of 3 years doesn’t drink, so chances are little we’ll encounter the same issues.

We also found the waitress we had been looking for all this time; a young woman with no experience, but a natural in this line of work. Together with our faithful Marce our team is complete to receive the high season.

Our new waitress Ana, with Marce in the background.

Our new waitress Ana, with Marce in the background. 

The last and maybe most important change is that we’ve found a new home. After 18 months moving from one noisy condo to another we’ve found a house in a quiet neighbourhood at the outskirts of Playa del Carmen.

Bamboo trees rustling in front of pur bedroom window.

I’m sure that, with a large private rooftop, we’ll do some star gazing and maybe… we’ll receive another visit from the Sphere Beings that Honza recently experienced. Hundreds of them. Here’s more information on this subject. 

Honza said they look a little bit like this:

Oh, and 1 more change: Honza will be celebrating his 65th birthday this coming Wednesday, August the 26th, at El Jardin.

Honza 65

No way! 65 Already?

Lots of yoga and lots of sex with Paula will do the trick…

Anyway, you know we like our parties early, so we’re starting at 4pm at El Jardin with our well known DJ Greco for some sweet dance tunes. Chef Emiliano will prepare a generous Mexican buffet, and the bar will serve all beers for $20,- Pesos, and all wine and tequila for $40.- Pesos.

Can’t miss it!

El Jardin flyer vuelta















Faithful followers of my blogs may have noticed that the month of April went without a written report on our adventures. The reason is simple: starting a restaurant is a challenging and time-consuming business.

So, what are the latest developments at El Jardin?

We’ve been receiving raving reviews in EverythingPlayaDelCarmen (

And in The Playa Times (

Playa Times

And in The Foodies Guide to Playa del Carmen (

In other words, we’re doing well and our guests are happy and keep coming back.

People are also coming back for the Noche de Divas. The 1st night was great fun and the place was packed.

Blog 2

Blog 1

Blog 7

Blog Deb

Blog Marike

Blog noche

We even have a little recording singing Hit The Road Jack.

Instead of a monthly event we decided to turn it into a weekly concert with a more classical theme, allowing our Cuban soprano Mayret Rosa Alvarez to shine and sing her classical repertoire like Puccini’s ‘O mio Babinno Caro’. If you are not familiar with this world famous aria, here’s a taste.

And now I could explore the classical repertoire I had been studying for many years myself. One of those arias was turned into a duet, and now Mayret Rosa and I sing together. Here’s an impression of that song.

Many people have asked me how I’ve found this lovely and talented Cuban soprano. The truth is; she found me.

But let’s first go back in history, the time when Mayret Rosa was born on the 9th of November 1987 in a small town called Media Luna in the South West coastal region of Cuba.

Media Luna

Media Luna

Media Luna Bay

Media Luna Bay

Mayret began her musical career at the age of 7 when she started with guitar classes and eventually added piano classes as well.

Mayret at 3 years already showing her talent to entertain.

Mayret at 3 years already showing her talent to entertain.


Singing Mayret

Guitarra 2


Mayret's Cumple 15 with her parents.

Mayret with her parents.

piano graduacion

At the age of 18 she graduated from the Conservatorio de Musica Jose White with a degree in guitar.

It wasn’t until she had finished 3 years obligatory social services, where she worked as a teacher in musical history, that she started to study voice. After 5 years attending the ‘Instituto Superior de Artes’ in Holguin she graduated at the age of 26.

During those 5 years she first worked with ‘Ojare’, a group of musicians who presented traditional music of Cuba, then with the ‘Teatro Lyrico de Rodrigro Prats’ and eventually with a band called ‘Grupo Velas al Viento’, with whom she traveled to Playa del Carmen.

Then one night Mayret Rosa found herself at Le Lotus Rouge with her band, ready to play the keyboard after the performance of a lady she had never heard of before.

Natasha, the lovely and eccentric owner of the international restaurant and art school Le Lotus Rouge, had asked me to perform for the 3rd anniversary of her place, which fell on Valentine’s Day. I had prepared a beautiful romantic repertoire for her audience, and right after my show this little Cuban girl walks up to me and almost desperately asks, “Donde se puede cantar lyrico?” (Where can I sing classical). I smiled and answered, “Well, with me at El Jardin! But how do you know that I study classical voice?” She quickly replied, “I can hear from your singing technique.” The following week we met at El Jardin and talked about how we could study and work together. That’s when she told me about her personal living situation. The band with whom she had traveled to Playa had changed name and leader and from then on Mayret’s career went downhill. She got paid the equivalent of $60.- USD a month, no matter how many nights she played. She slept in a room with 2 men, not allowing her any privacy. But worst of all, they had taken her passport. You can all imagine my reaction when she told me all this, resulting in that Mayret opened her mouth demanding her passport back. The Cuban mafia, as Mayret called them, didn’t like a smart girl who starts talking and asking question, so she was basically kicked out.

Before we realised it she had found herself a small room and friends had already donated a table, 2 chairs and a few kitchen utensils. When I shared Mayret’s account with our audience they felt so touched by her story that more donations from our fans started pouring in: a bicycle, a refrigerator and even financial help. A week later she got married to a Mexican friend and her biggest fans were her witnesses. In other words; we kind of adopted her.

Since this wedding picture Mayret calls Honza a giant ET.

Since this wedding picture Mayret calls Honza a giant ET.

Admiring Mayret's wedding pictures.

Admiring Mayret’s wedding pictures.

Having & feeling home.

Having fun & feeling home.

For 2 months now we’ve offered the Noche de Divas to our Playa community and every week we receive a nice group of people who enjoy listening to opera, boleros, chanson and jazz. Some faithful fans never miss a concert.

Noche Clasica 3

We even bought a long gown for Mayret, the standard dress size when singing classical, because all her long dresses are still in Cuba. Since I’m studying Habanera from Bizet’s opera Carmen, I thought that this red one was a good match with Mayret’s coral.

Blog 6

We even sang Schubert’s Ave Maria as a duet on a special Mother’s Day Champagne Brunch at El Jardin. That was a dream come true. Glowing after our performance…

moms day

Mayret and I have also been pretty busy with our various voice students. Young girls, women my age, men in their sixties, we have students from all ages and all walks of life. We try to inspire and prepare them to join us on our stage.

Noche Paula


Noche Mayret

And soon a few of our voice students will join us on our stage, so stay tuned.








It certainly looks like it, but let’s go back to where we left off and share with you what we’ve been up to.

Before we could throw a good party we needed to create a dance floor. We had found a few Mayan workers who copied Paula’s design and creatively finished this sun.

1. Sun creation 1 2. Sun creation 2 3 Sun creation 3 4. Sun creation 4

Hours before the party started the tables and chairs that we had made by our carpenter were delivered.

5. Chairs delivered

Paula’s 50th birthday party was the biggest party we’ve thrown so far. It’s good to know that for future events we can easily host 100 people. Here are a few shots taken at the party.

6. Birthday 7. Birthday

Here’s a link to more pictures.

With the birthday party our filmmaker Martin was able to shoot the last shot in order to finish the promotion video and here is the result. (The party starts at 2.10)

Needless to say that the day after we were finally able to rest and enjoy, and that’s what we did with quite a few mimosa’s, which we plan to offer at El Jardin.

8. Day After

But soon after we continued with the renovations of the kitchen.

9. Kitchen

The old floor went out.

10. Kitchen

A truck with construction materials was driven into our kitchen

11. Kitchen

The new floor is in and a new part of the bar is constructed

12. Kitchen

A new sink is being constructed

13. Cocinita

And there is our new ‘cocinita’.

Except renovating the kitchen we also had  a solid floor placed where there used to be gravel.

19. Floor

And we had a waterfall with a little river constructed.

16. Cascada 17. Cascada 18. Cascada

Then it was time to go shopping for a stove and pots and pans.

14. Shopping

And before you know you have a fully equipped kitchen

15. Kitchen ready

Remember how we started?


And this is what we have now.

20. Kitchen

Now what’s a restaurant without a good chef? And where do you find one? As a true siren Paula had lured one in with her voice when she was practicing her Mexican boleros. Back in November last year chef Miguel stopped to listen to Paula’s songs and had asked if we needed a cook. Paula had answered, “Maybe in January we will need somebody.” Guess what? By the end of January he came back! But the best news is that Miguel turned out to be an excellent chef, more than we could have hoped for. Here we are checking out a new color ‘filipino’.

23. Miguel

We also found a truly lovely waitress. Karla had been our yoga student for a few weeks, and one morning we asked her if she was looking for work. Guess what? Not only was she looking for work, she also had some experience.

21. Karla

For a week we practiced with a breakfast menu, which we serve all day, and next week we’ll add a lunch menu.

1st lunch

Harold & Julie

So, El Jardin is really opening it’s doors from Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm for breakfast and lunch. What kind of food do we serve? Comida YucaCheca! What’s that? It’s the famous Yucateca kitchen from the peninsula Yucatan with a twist from our Czech chef Honza, hence YucaCheca.

So for breakfast you can expect typical plates like Enchilladas and Chilaquiles with all the sauces. Of course we serve organic coffee from Chiapas with organic milk, freshly squeezed orange juice and fresh coconut water. But we also have fresh fruit with organic granola or a variety of German breads with organic jam, and of course any style organic eggs.

For lunch we offer a typical Mayan plate called Tikinchic, which is fresh grouper served in a banana leaf.

24. Fish

Of course we serve a real Mexican chocolate mole made from scratch by our chef Miguel, and we have a vegetarian dish with eggplant, nuts and seeds.

Honza will take care of the daily menu, offering you a variety of his well-known dishes like the Czech goulash called ‘Segediner’, or his famous pork roast with red cabbage.

Unfortunately the liquor license is taking it’s Mexican time, and we keep hearing, “Mañana.”

We hope to welcome you soon at El Jardin!











It’s no secret that 2014 has been a rather interesting year for us. We gave up our home and business to bring Amarte Maroma  back to life, only to be kicked out after 3 successful months.

Oh well, c’est la vie.

For the next 3 months we were homeless, our belongings stored at too many different locations and bodega’s, trying to make sense of it all. Finally, at the end of the summer we found a new home for ourselves and shortly after a new business opportunity presented itself: El Jardin.

The Universe works in mysterious ways. As you may remember, we had made a New Years wish; asking the Universe to help us find a bigger place and one a bit closer to the sea. The Universe gave us a little detour, because if it wasn’t for the experience in Amarte we never would have seen the value of El Jardin, and at this moment in our life that’s where we need to be.

Then sometimes these lyrics from Bob Marley pop into my head:

“Don’t worry about a thing.

Cause everything little thing gonna be alright.”

So what’s happening at El Jardin?

Flyer El jardin

We’ve moved the weekly local market to the Saturday afternoon, offering people an opportunity to do their local shopping in the weekend. And we moved the monthly Bazar to every 1st Sunday of the month. The atmosphere is always great, old and new friends meet and I sing a few songs. Here’s an impression of those afternoons.

Taking pictures with a tablet

Taking pictures with a tablet

20141204_114740 20141204_114755 20141204_114818 20141204_114842 20141204_114908 20141204_114942 20141204_114947


20141204_115055 20141204_115234 20141204_115254 20141204_115342

We’ve renovated the existing construction that held the pump, gas and water tanks that took up a lot of space, and moved the equipment up, creating an area for sinks and storage space. I know it looks scary when you suddenly find an enormous pile of construction material in the middle of your beautiful garden, so Honza was happy to only see the end result and that was shocking enough for him.

A big pile of construction material

A big pile of construction material

Starting to mount the walls

Starting to mount the walls

Last finishing touches.

Last finishing touches.

We’ve improved the stage even more and had the existing wood treated and the result is marvelous.

The existing wood removed for treatment.

The existing wood removed for treatment.

The treated tropical hardwood starting to be replaced.

The treated tropical hardwood starting to be replaced.

Don Jorge's son learning the trade from his father.

Don Jorge’s son learning the trade from his father.

The floor is finished and we are tired and dusty, but happy!

The floor is finished and we are tired and dusty, but happy!

The same talented carpenter created a beautiful addition to our existing table, so we could fit more than 10 people on our table.

The reason why we needed to expand the table is because we were booked for an event, and that is one of the core businesses of El Jardin. A group of 13 French people had booked the table for a sit down dinner to welcome the New Year. They were familiar with Honza’s cooking skills and my French repertoire, and they were not disappointed.

Our carpenter created a seamless addition.

Our carpenter created a seamless addition.

Paula singing to her French speaking guests.

Paula singing to her French speaking guests.

The only eventful situation that presented itself that night was a power outage in the neighborhood, but within a minute the lights went back on. Except in the house, which we have promoted as a vacation rental. Our guests would return to a dark house with no running water. The next morning I assessed the situation. Nothing a seasoned property manager couldn’t handle. Except when it’s the 1st of January. I was so tired from working 2 months straight getting our place ready for guests, and the previous day having worked from 7 in the morning till 2 at night, I just broke down in tears. Oh well, shit happens. We gave them back their money and they left with a smile.

Another event we hosted was the yearly Christmas dinner for our company Star Condos.

Instead of choosing a fancy restaurant Honza insisted on cooking for our Mexican family and they were thrilled, cause Honza’s typical cuisine is well known with our team.

Posada 3

Honza's famous caserolas

Honza’s famous caserolas

And Paula sang a few Mexican Boleros.

And Paula sang a few Mexican Boleros.

The last event we hosted was one for the charity organization Good Intentions

They teach English to Mexican children and offer them possibilities to develop themselves creatively and spiritually by giving art and yoga classes. Of course Honza cooked up a storm for 50 children. Giving back to the community feels good. Here’s an impression of that afternoon.

On their way to El Jardin - community center.

On their way to El Jardin – community center.

Creating art, pictures and drawings.

Receiving instructions for the art class.

A beautiful drawing.

A beautiful drawing.

And another one.

And another one.

Yoga class.

Yoga class.

Honza ready to serve the buffet.

Honza ready to serve the buffet.

My fellow yoga teacher.

My fellow yoga teacher.

Soaked from a tropical shower.

Soaked from a tropical shower.

So what’s planned for the near future? Since we’re still in the process of obtaining our licenses to legally open our doors, we can’t tell you when we’ll be able to serve you your 1st glass of wine. But we can tell you that Wednesday the 21st of January we’ll open our doors to celebrate Paula’s 50th birthday. We’ll be using the formula that has always worked in the past: Honza cooks an enormous buffet and you bring your favorite beverage of choice. Of course you can count on our famous DJ Greco to heat up the dance floor. And you know we like to start early, like 4 in the afternoon.

I had an idea for a picture for my 50th birthday invitation, but so far I’ll share with you the one that our friend Gary Wendt created for me 10 years ago.

The famous original from 10 years ago.

The famous original from 10 years ago.

Sometimes Honza and I feel overwhelmed by the idea that we’re opening a restaurant, as we both know from experience what that entails. But then I think:

“Don’t worry about a thing.

Cause everything little thing gonna be alright.”

We're back in business.

We’re back in business.







Most of our friends, especially the ones in Playa del Carmen, are very well aware of the fact that my husband and I love to dress up for Halloween.

My very 1st encounter with Halloween began in the year 2000 when I had just moved to Playa. I had found a nice dress, which I still have, and a French make-up artist had taken care of my make-up. My friend LaVonna had turned the villa behind restaurant Da Gabi into a horror house and we all had a spooky ball. I do have pictures of that event, but that was before the digital age, so they’re all stored in my mother’s cellar. However, a few months later I was asked to organize a big birthday bash for a friend of ours on the rooftop his penthouse. Besides many musicians and performers I had also invited that French make-up artist. This time I asked him to use the same colors but less spooky. I imagined myself some sort of a sea goddess. I do have a picture of that event with my dear friend Joyous, may she rest in peace.


The Mexican festivities of the Day of the Dead are a celebration of the deceased, to honor our loved ones who have passed away. Here’s a link to a nice article about this ancient tradition.

The next Halloween event that I remember having dressed up for is the one just 5 days after hurricane Wilma in 2006. Since there was not a green leave to be found in our paradise I asked my friends to come and dress in something green. I had braces at the time (believe me, it’s totally worth it), so I placed green sparkly sequins on the metal fixtures.


The year after that my friend Malonie was living with me and we had a ball preparing our fantasy costumes. In theme with the shamanic trips we had made to Peru we had created  a deity from another world.


In the year 2007 I found myself in cold and windy Holland during Halloween. Summer love had turned into serious love, so what to do? I suggested to my little niece and her friend to go trick or treating, so off we went with our scary costumes. Of all the people who answered their door 9 out of 10 asked with complete surprise, “So, what do I do now?” I answered with a low, spooky voice, “The kids get a treat and a bottle of wine will do for me.”

The hat that I had bought that autumn in the Hague was going to be used for the following Halloween when Honza finally decided to join me in paradise. This was the 1st year I found out that Honza enjoyed dressing up.


Before we moved to the following Halloween there was another dress up occasion when our friend Sara celebrated her 40th birthday and asked everybody to dress up ‘80s style. Thanks to our hairdresser Doranna de Bartoli we were able to transform ourselves into ‘80s pop stars and we won 1st prize. Actually, that was the only time we won a price together, because usually by midnight we’re long gone from the party scene.


Inspired by Doranna’s talents we creatively found our next characters. The bride of Frankenstein goes porn, with her creator, the mad professor.


And then we found some wings and wigs and created the next set of characters; the fallen Angels.


Living in the Caribbean inspires to dress up like a pirate, and after the 3rd Johnny Depp ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ box office hit starring Penelope Cruz, we knew what to do. Days and weeks of sowing and hunting for the right accessories and we had a new set of characters.


It’s not a secret that Honza and I believe in the existence of a galactic space family. With the date 21-12-2012 in mind we thought it appropriate to dress up like ‘Chico & Chica Galactica’.


Last year I decided to recycle a costume. The white lace of the bride of Frankenstein had faded to a yellowish cream and was perfect for a sexy dead bride in the character of the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead.


We’re still a little short on cash, so this year we’re recycling again. Now what’s the key to a fabulous costume? Honestly, I don’t really know. I try to be creative and I go with the flow. Sometimes I start with a wig, sometimes with a dress, or another year with a specific color or theme.

But I do have the key to a fabulous place: EL JARDIN.

IMG_0210 IMG_0218

We’ve started with the cleaning process and have placed the property on airbnb.


We’ll keep you posted, but we can tell you that as of December we’ll start to host the weekly eco-market on Thursdays.

Happy Halloween!