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Honza and I want to wish all of you a wonderful New Year!

El_jardin_0014 copy

We hope you will have a year filled with health, joy and prosperity.


 But  most of all we wish for peace on Earth.


But it’s impossible to obtain that peace if we don’t know who our real enemies are. With that said, it’s equally impossible to reach peace on Earth if we don’t know our real history.


You must have been aware that Honza and I, for over 25 years, have studied subjects regarding the historical and current visitations of highly advanced Extra Terrestrial beings, UFO’s, Secret Space Programs, a shadow government, and a ruling elite/dark Cabal/Illuminati.

Ten years ago we were branded ‘Conspiracy Theorists’.


Not anymore. By now everybody is aware that a few families rule the world.


Could it be that the Illuminati are being ruled by malevolent Extra Terrestrial beings?

When you think of the fact that we have colonised entire continents, enslaved their peoples and/or committed genocide, then we can imagine that in our galaxy there may be malevolent and benevolent extra terrestrial beings who have been fighting over the dominion of our planet and its inhabitants.

Maybe this time the baddies won?


Over 15 years ago, during my on going research, I already discovered that Bill and Hillary Clinton are involved in satanic Paedophile networks. In fact, every single person in power, be it in government, the music, sports or film industry, is involved in Paedophile networks. Voluntarily or involuntarily. Blackmail is used and hence control over people in power.

Do I have proof? Try the 33 books mentioned in the Bibliography of my recently published book ‘The Queen’s Manifestation‘. Subjects like the history of the Secret Space Programs are tackled, or how the Khazarian Mafia aka The Rothschilds came into power, and which kind of extra terrestrial beings have visited Honza. To see the Kindle version click here. For the actual paper book click here.


Pizzagate is no fairy tale. This is just a tiny tip of the iceberg. Do you really think that when they’ve recently rounded up such a network in Norway, that the USA is squeaky clean? Are you aware that over 800,000 children go missing each year in the sweet old USA? Where do you think those children go?

Here’s a testimony from a victim.

It may sound strange to you to receive such news with a New Years wish filled with joy and prosperity. But don’t you wish the same for those hundreds of thousands of children trapped in these horrific networks.

Consciously choosing to remain ignorant from these practices, while being in the capacity to research these topics? Well, then the satanic forces have done their work well. Quite well.


I hear you: That’s fake news! Bullshit!

It’s nothing more than a inconvenient truth.

That ‘fake news’ strategy appeared a smart move from the dark cabal at first. But now, more than ever, people are waking up to the fact that the 6 mainstream media outlets are controlled by that same dark cabal. And they have spread more fake news than any alternative media outlet. Proof? WMD in Iraq? The list goes on and on.

Any alternative media outlets we recommend? Absolutely!

A daily blog we follow is called. Stillness in the Storm.


The blogger himself asks us to use discernment with any articles we read. And that’s exactly what we should do.

There are a few more ‘truth seekers’ we follow. These people risk their lives, and the lives of their loved ones,  to inform us and to free ourselves from this prison planet.

Among the many valuable people we follow there are a few who stand out:

David Wilcock

Corey Goode

Simon Parkes

They all have radio shows and even TV shows.

Let us know if you are interested and we’ll send you a few links.

May the year of 2017 bring us the Truth we need to reach the Peace we all yearn for.




The 1st experience we ever had with a person on a gluten free diet wasn’t particularly a positive one. A middle-aged couple, guests at our former B&B, had requested a gluten free breakfast for the lady. She struck us as an unhappy and bitter woman who found it hard to enjoy life, and we were happy when they left. We jokingly said that her diet must have affected her state of mind; grumpy because she wasn’t allowed to eat all the yummy things in life like cakes and cookies, and bread, pasta and cereals.


Little did we know that less than 3 years later we would voluntarily embark on a gluten free diet. Now why would 2 healthy, life-enjoying people do such a thing? Sure, we eat very healthy with only local and fresh produce, but there’s always room for improvement, especially when growing older and small health issues arise. We contacted an old friend from our hometown The Hague who is a rawfood, detox and regeneration coach. Take a look at his Website. The 1st consultation is free. He was very helpful when Honza came down with Hepatitis after our road trip through Guatemala, and he was cured pure with diet and herbs. This time Ray suggested we leave out gluten containing products and create a diet that consists of 75% raw food.

Raw Heart

As health conscious people we had become aware of the dangers of wheat, so the choice was easy. The problem is not so much wheat itself, but it’s the hybridized versions that they have been developed since the 1950s and they contain toxic components.  For example sodium azide, a known toxic. This hybridized wheat also contains new proteins that are foreign to the plant and to our body, like gliadin and glutenin. They are difficult to digest and often create an immunogenic response eventually leading to a number of autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. If you want to know more I suggest you read this article.

Sometimes we miss a slice of bread from our all time favourite German baker, and we will certainly serve his bread in our new restaurant, but the switch wasn’t that hard. We live in Mexico, so corn products are easily found, like tortillas or the crunchy totopos that accompany a very tasty Mexican dish: Guacamole.


For Honza it was easy to modify one of his Czech dishes channeled by his mother; fried breaded cauliflower. Instead of frying he put them in the oven; wheat flour was replaced by corn flower; and the bread crumbs with grinned tortilla chips. Voila!

Cauliflower new style

Cauliflower new style

Of course we don’t live on vegetables and fruit alone. A tasty snack should always be part of a healthy diet. So, Honza came up with a raw chocolate truffle. Ingredients: fresh coconut water, 100% pure cacao, coconut oil, almond butter (finely chopped up almonds) and dates. Rolled into balls covered with sesame seeds. Voila!


Needless to say that Honza is feeling very inspired to try out all kinds of new recipes for our restaurant. It appears that we’re taking the slogan ‘Healthy but Tasty’ to a new level.

So, how’s that going, our new restaurant? Well, pretty good actually. We’ve covered pretty much all the details with the owner and we are ready to sign the contract, but there’s still one thing missing; a little starting capital.


We asked here and there.

Come on honey, Pray!

You’ve got to put your heart into it. Pray!

And we asked our guardian angels and the Universe for help.

Maybe this will work!

Maybe this will work!

Anyway, so far no luck. This morning one of my yoga students (71) made the wise remark that help might come from a very unexpected place (…) Then on the other hand, if the Universe has other plans for our future, we’ll soon find out!