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Thank you for your overwhelming amount of subscriptions and heart-warming comments on my last episode ‘The Return of JFK Jr.’ I’ve been writing geo-political articles for 3 years now and 3 months ago I added the video’s because that gives a more personal touch to the content, and it looks like my labor of love is finally coming to fruition. Thank you! It’s an honor to be part of the army of digital soldiers, bringing you the Great Awakening to the Truth

Last episode I asked why the gravesite of JFK is in the shape of the letter Q. I found a video that showed that the license plates of Kennedy’s car read: GG 300. The letter G is the 7th letter of the alphabet. When you add the numbers: 7+7+3 = 17 = Q.

Last episode we talked about Kennedy’s magazine George. Platform 2020. “…so buckle up your chin strap and hold on as George enters the time warp and reemerges in the year 2020.” Time warp? Doesn’t that sound like time travel?

Then I suddenly thought of an article I wrote some 2 years ago called ‘Is Trump an Angel in Disguise?’ where I covered the bigger Illuminati/Deep State connection and a higher dimensional aspect of Trump’s role in the planetary liberation of the evil Luciferian forces at work. I ended the article with the mention of Ingersoll Lockwood’s 1893  book ‘Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey’. A little boy called Baron Trump, who lives in Castle Trump, embarks on an adventure to Russia, guided by ‘the master of all masters’, a man named ‘Don’, to find a secret portal to travel through time.

But Ingersoll Lockwood’s 1896 novel ‘The Last President’ gives an even more unexplainable similarity to today’s political situation. After an enormously opposed ‘outsider’ political candidate is elected, turmoil and panic erupts in the city of New York, citing an address on Fifth Avenue where now Trump tower stands. After the candidate’s inauguration he picks his cabinet, which includes a man named Pence.

I couldn’t explain the creepy parallels until I wrote the article ‘The Curious Connection between Professor John Trump, Richard Nixon and Donald Trump’ a few months ago, and connected those finds to George’s magazine ‘Survival Guide to the Future.

So, buckle up your chin strap because this episode, we’ll even go a little further into this mysterious connection.

We have to go back in time to the extra ordinary genius inventor Nikola Tesla. Since only the Tesla-Coil is remembered, it is clear that a great injustice is done to this man as he was the one who basically invented the 20th century. Tesla’s approximately 700 inventions and some 200 patents included ‘alternating current’ motors, rocket engine designs, particle beam weapons, and a wireless electrical system. Less known are his experiments with antigravity, invisibility and even time travel.

In 1885 Tesla discovered that time and space could be influenced by using ‘highly charged, rotating magnetic fields’. With these experiments in ‘high voltage electricity and magnetic fields’ Tesla discovered that time and space could be breached or warped, creating a ‘doorway’ that could lead to other time frames. 

If Tesla had perfected his time travel invention, the military Tesla-based research surely was disastrous as we know through the Montauk Project and the Philadelphia experiment.

With the Illuminati conspiracy in mind it shouldn’t come as a surprise that when Nikola Tesla died in 1943, he was a poor man, and his inventions and papers were classified as nothing but speculative and philosophical thoughts. As I said before, when investigating history and politics, always keep the Luciferian NWO conspiracy in mind, which I have covered in my 4-part Illuminati series. And for further research, don’t miss the 5-part series from Edge of Wonder on the Cult of Communism.

The man who wrote the Illuminati blueprint for the WWI, WWII, and the WWIII, was the Luciferian general Albert Pike. I recommend a short 10-minute video on this top Illuminati Grand Wizard, which explains in detail how the blueprint for a WWIII is being executed, fomenting the rise of extreme Islam, thus using this Muslim cult as an instrument to force a nuclear Armageddon.

The end of this video, however, sounds a little gloomy. We are winning this war against pure evil. All we need to do is inform ourselves and share this information. Once you are awake, the spell is gone. And yes, meditation and prayer helps more than you know. In the name of Jesus Christ.

When you come to realize that world wars are planned ages ago, and that some key players, Deep State puppets and stooges like HRC, have been groomed from birth for their position to diabolically destruct everything that is beautiful, sacred and divine, you must come to the conclusion that the white hats of the Alliance have equally prepared certain individuals to fight these sick and evil forces.

Back to Nikola Tesla. Who was the man asked by the FBI to review Tesla’s personal papers upon his death in 1943? That was professor John Trump. Why him? As professor at MIT he was a widely acknowledged expert in classified government studies like the Rosswell UFO crash, in high voltage radiation and Van de Graaf generators, a key component of the propulsion systems in flying saucer research.

If Tesla’s work was nothing but speculative thoughts, then why would professor Trump have abandoned his work on high voltage energy and continued to study Tesla’s work on the acceleration of heavy particles to high energies, which is the closest thing to time machines, according to Stephen Hawking?

Back to Ingersoll Lockwood and his prophetic books about time travel and political turmoil. Isn’t it curious that Tesla and Lockwood lived in the same city of New York during the same time that Tesla worked on his time travel machine and Lockwood wrote his books? Could Lockwood have traveled to the future in one of Tesla’s time travel machines and based his prophetic books on his visions of the future?

We’ve come to the conclusion that the Cabal/Deep State has groomed certain people from birth for positions of power, and their final piece of art, Hillary Clinton, would lead us to the creation of their Luciferian NWO through a nuclear Armageddon.

The Alliance of white hats naturally had picked their candidate to fight these sick and evil people and liberate humanity from a life of satanic slavery. Was professor Trump informed about Ingersoll Lockwood’s books and was he aware that his nephew Donald Trump would play a vital role in the political future of the United States? Was professor Trump playing an important part in the grooming of his young nephew? Was the nuclear uncle preparing the young Don for his future responsibility: defeating satanic and demonic forces to prevent a nuclear Armageddon?

If professor Trump continued to work on Tesla’s work on the acceleration of heavy particles to high energies, or time travel machines, did he share this work with his nephew Donald Trump? Rumors are that Donald Trump traveled to the future under the name of soldier John Titor, where he discovered a nuclear dystopia. He then returned and worked tirelessly to become president and thus, prevent this future. Is this true? I don’t know.

What I do know is that, just like in Lockwood’s book ‘The Last President’, the United States is in turmoil because of this ‘outsider’ president. The Alliance knew that the Deep State would do everything in their power to vilify and demonize the one person that could drain the Swamp. And the Deep State had the most powerful weapon in their hands: a perfect working propaganda machine called mainstream media that had been in place since the creation of the Council on Foreign Relations even before the WWII.

The Alliance also knew that JFK Jr. never would be safe from the Deep State, so they brought him to safety and allowed him to work from behind the scenes on the take down of the Deep State, and the murderers of his father, with his good friend Donald Trump.

The Alliance knew they needed a special event to turn the tide on the negative image the Deep State had created of Donald Trump, with their constant lies and propaganda. This special event is the return of JFK Jr. Even Simon Parkes acknowledged in his radio show from past Sunday at minute 9.22, that this event will be so big that it will swing the necessary electors behind Trump. Then imagine that JFk Jr. will be running as vice president next to Donald Trump?

Remember that video I mentioned earlier about the license plates GG 300? In that same video at 0.48 minutes you can hear JFK Jr. saying to Jay Leno who just asked him if he will run for president: “… being the vice president, I guess.”

Last but not least, let’s have a look at Melania’s latest fashion statement, a bright yellow dress she wore at trump’s rally at Orlando. In nautical terms the yellow code flag means Q!

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Recent headlines have been dominated by a mass shooting in New Zealand. Our hearts go out to the real victims, but a quick analysis should bring sufficient suspicious clues about the true narrative of this incident.

The 1st question that comes to mind: What story are they trying to sell?

The 2nd question is: What stories are they trying to distract us from?

The most obvious story that the MSM is trying to sell us is that the alleged shooter was radicalised by the anonymous board 8Chan. And who happens to post on 8Chan? That’s right! Q and it’s team! Wouldn’t it be lovely for the Deep State to take away the last uncensored communications of the greatest awakening movement in history?

And before we realised it, the very next day 1984 tactics were implemented in Australia and New Zealand, because there’s no more 8Chan or 4Chan or LiveLeak.

Now why would the NZ government prohibit the possession of the video of the shooting, including sharing on social media platforms?


Could it be because it looks like an amateur video game? People can be seen lying on the ground before they are allegedly shot, no bullet holes and not one single drop of blood.

Here’s an article with a part of the video where you can verify the odd observations.

What’s the other story they’re trying to sell us? Oh yes, there we go again. Free Speech and Gun Control. Social Media is offering a platform for spreading the message of white supremacy, according to CNN. In other words:  we need to control and censor your free speech.


Wasn’t it curious that right after the Facebook and Instagram outage was restored, the shooting story dominated the headlines? There was no room for questions as to why those social media platforms were down for so long. Could it be that those companies were frantically removing data to hide the fact that Facebook is nothing less than a CIA spying tool that replaced DARPA’s Lifelog? Or was the Alliance, the good guys, removing incriminating evidence to be used in court at a later date?



And isn’t it curious that former Clinton campaign manager John Podesta just happened to be in New Zealand 5  days (5 Eyes) before the attack? Was he only there for an interview to warn the public of a Russian or Chinese cyber attack so close to New Zealand’s upcoming elections?  Was it about informing the audience about the dangerous weaponisation of misinformation on social media, like he and Hillary running a child porn ring from a pizza parlour?

Here are some excerpts from this interview with some very interesting observations.

Or was Podesta in New Zealand for entire different reasons? I suspected such was the case and soon Jordan Sather confirmed my suspicions when he posted this picture with his post.

The #14 and the symbol of the fish, as seen on Podesta’s hands – part of an ancient dark occult black magic belief system – are also seen on the shooter’s gun. Is this a confirmation of a Deep State connection to these shootings? I do believe so.

I had never heard of Washington knucklehead John Podesta until the infamous Wikileaks dump of Podesta emails filled with pedophile code words – well known within the FBI – like pizza, hotdog and pasta, revealing the secret communications between the members of a pedophile network. Hence the term Pizzagate.


But even more disturbing is the mention of spirit cooking with Marina Ibramovic, an occult ceremony involving lots of blood and… who knows what else. But in the name of art anything is possible. Here’s a nice article explaining the art of Marina Abramovic.


Did you notice the writing on the wall with pig blood?


Isn’t it curious that John Podesta has numerous scars on the his left middle finger? Actually many of his fingers look weird. Isn’t it curious that many high placed people like Obama have been seen with a band aid around their left middle finger? Keep an eye on left middle fingers with a band aid, because soon we’ll notice another one that’s been in the news lately.

If John Podesta is Washington’s world class underage sex slave cover-upperer, according to the late Andrew Breitbart and a few more journalists, then who would that be in Hollywood, the pedophile capital of the world?

A tip of the iceberg was revealed last week when the college bribery scandal broke, and actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, together with 48 other people, were arrested for allegedly paying amounts of up to 6 million dollars to get their kids into prestigious colleges.


Like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey, it looks like those 2 ladies  were thrown under the bus. What better way to prepare the public for the upcoming child sex trafficking shit storm than to show you that even those ‘perfect’ Hollywood mothers are involved in unethical shenanigans. But what does Lori Loughlin’s daughter Olivia Jade have to do with child sex trafficking?

There are a few curious discoveries that will show you that there may be more to this story than just bribery.

First of all, isn’t it curious that Olivia Jade was aboard the official University of Southern California’s yacht owned by billionaire Rick Caruso when the arrests took place. Was the media giving us a clue?

And isn’t it curious that Olivia Jade has many Instagram photos while yachting?

Of course Liz Crokin, as the excellent journalist she is, found out what yachting exactly means. It’s an easy way to make some extra pocket money for Z-C celebrities involving naughty favours on a yacht. I had no idea!

If you want to see the recent video of Liz Crokin regarding this subject, here it is:

But there’s more. The following 10 minute video wants to find the answers to the following questions:


Did Olivia Jade become an MK ULTRA Mind Control Sex Puppet?
Is Olivia Jade ILLUMINATI now ?
Did she attend SPIRIT COOKING ?


The one left eye is a very well known Illuminati symbol among the rich and famous, no question about that. Certain poses and choice of clothing could certainly indicate MK Ultra programming. But the most curious detail about her photo is a band aid around the tip of the left finger. This Instagram photo is sponsored by the make up brand Sephora, so that begs the question as to why they would allow such funny thing on a professional shoot instead of photoshopping it clean? Was Olivia Jade involved in an satanic occult ceremony where she had to eat the pain? We’ll soon find out when the satanic shit storm hits the fan.


There’s another important question. Why would a parent pay millions and millions of dollars to get their kid in an elite school? You can buy your kid a business or launch their YouTube or Instagram career with that money. Is it just for prestige?


I don’t think so. There must be more to the story. Hollywood is the Sodom and Gomorra of this planet where only 10% of the people in the entertainment business are clean. At least, that is according to a few anonymous Hollywood insiders who spilled the beans in this article.



Under the video about Olivia Jade I found a comment that suggests that the elite Ivy League universities are running child trafficking rings, and that the elites who have paid those insane amounts for admission are actually paying for children to be used for their sick and evil games.


I don’t think this theory is very far fetched.


As I said, this is just the tip of the iceberg, preparing the people for disclosure regarding the satanic ways of the elite; the Illuminati.


And then, I decided to turn this blog into a Video News Update on my YouTube channel.

This is very first time and i would love your input.


Ending this post on a positive note, here’s my framed Halloween accessory:



Yes! Today Honza and I are celebrating 10 years of marital bliss.

Honza and I have faced a few challenges in our lives, but our love, friendship and passion for each other was never one among them.

How’s life after El Jardin?

Rest, Eat, Sleep, Repeat, at first. Then you get a cold, and rest some more, and more.

I did start a daily practice of yoga and meditation. For now I like to practice at home, tailoring my practice to the specific needs of my body, and not that of my students. And without a daily guided meditation I wouldn’t be able to float so easily through these uncertain times.

After losing your business and means of existence it’s so easy to fall into an abyss of emotions like; embarrassment, failure and worthlessness. But thanks to my spiritual practice I can see the bigger picture.

Without El Jardin and our stage I could never have developed such a unique show with which I have been presenting myself to the cruise lines and agents ( some 30+). Here’s the 2.22 video I’ve send them.

And the bigger picture is also that I’m a spiritual being, a unique expression of God, the Divine Creation. And I’m here with a mission: Wake You All Up! I’ve been doing that tirelessly at El Jardin, as diplomatic as I could, but let me tell you this:

Life after el Jardin = Free Speech!

Well, not really. There’s a Facebook Group called Expats and Locals in Playa del Carmen, created to search for info on where to find certain food items, insurance, rentals, you name it. I asked if anybody knew where to find a MAGA hat. Within 3 hours the post had generated 146 comments and the administrator turned off the comments. Needless to say they were (except for 2 or 3) vile, insulting and promoted bodily harm and even death. I wonder: Who’s creating hate and divide here?

Note of interest: the majority of these people don’t speak sufficient Spanish to have a decent political conversation with a Mexican, and they  never have. I certainly have had those talks, many times, with many different Mexicans. Soon I will present a video with short interviews with Mexicans and their thoughts about Trump and the wall. With my MAGA hat.

Okay, I’ve had one made with ‘Make Earth Great Again’, just to be on the safe side, especially on the tourist filled 5th Avenue.

Yes, it’s truly sad to see how extremely well the MSM propaganda machine has worked, but we continue to plant one seed at a time, wake them up, one soul at a time. It’s a labour of love: for the children.

For people relatively new to my blog and the Q Movement, here are a few excellent short videos that give you a very clear picture of what is going on.

And here is one for the followers who are familiar with Simon Parkes and Benjamin Fulford. I think this is the 1st time I’ve seen an interview between these two respected people, and guess what? They agree on everything!

I’ll end my blog with my list of sources.

I’ve started following a few people on Twitter, first thing in the morning. I’ve opened an account when I first published my books, but was never active. Until recently. It’s a great source to get immediate news. I’ll post a few and you’ll soon see who else to follow.

Then I shift through a bunch of newspapers. Note, I’ve added 2 to the list:












Then half way the day I receive the following websites in my mailbox that contain a treasure of more interesting articles:

Stillness in the Storm

Galactic Connection

And by the end of the day my husband and I watch episodes from the following YouTube channels:

Destroying the Illusion

X22 Report 

You Are Free TV

In Pursuit of Truth

Edge of Wonder

Simon Parkes

Liz Crokin

That’s it folks, for now. Happy Research.

The Great Awakening is happening and you are part of it!



Happy New Year everybody! It almost looks like a Q, doesn’t it?

After 4 years El Jardin is closing its doors. The decline in international tourism due to the ongoing seaweed problem, the growing cartel violence, the addition of more impersonal megalomanic franchises, as well as a grueling competition forced us to end this adventure.

As everybody around us says: “You guys always get back on your feet.” “When one door closes another one opens.” And maybe even more than one. Who knows? Because we have a great plan which we will share with you in a minute.

We’re both very grateful for this experience, but relieved that this stressful existence has come to an end. We’re grateful for the many connections we’ve made during all those years; the souls we’ve touched with our stories, and the hearts we’ve inspired with our performances.

So, what’s next?

Paula is joining the navy!

A strong hierarchy, strict rules, no privacy and on call 24/7 is exactly what this free spirited yogi needs. Paula is joining the cruise ship entertainment business.

The past 4 years have given me the opportunity to perfect my show on my own stage. Many stars have come and gone, but Alberto Franco, my steady musical partner, is still going strong. We have a comical and sensual chemistry, which we will explore further in order to sail the seven seas


But there’s more. To my utter surprise I’ve written a full One Woman Comedy show a few months ago, including stories, anecdotes, funny characters, jokes and songs, which I’m still presenting on my stage. Well, actually, one more time.

Again, I had written our valued family friend Paul van Vliet, Dutch ambassador of Unicef, and the oldest Dutch virtuoso of theatre, music and comedy still alive. Paul is 83 years and still performing.

Again, he rewarded me with a beautiful answer:

Sweet courageous Paula,

I wish you all good things with your new adventures.

I admire your perseverance, your talent and positivity.

Hold on to that.

Sweet greetings and embraced.

Paul van Vliet.

Let me tell you that receiving such words of encouragement from the master himself means the world to me.

So, the plan is to create a few short promo videos of the above-mentioned projects and present them to either an employment agency that specializes in cruise ship entertainment, or directly to certain cruise ships. The thing is that I’m aiming to work for gay cruises, since my comedy show has many gay characters and even a drag queen. And yes… it’s a show for adults only. Surely must come as a surprise?

And Honza? He’ll stay home and take care of our girl Gypsy.


Did we lose clientele over our geo-politcal world views? Absolutely! No doubt about it.

But let me tell you one thing: “I do NOT apologize for the truth.” I’ve come to this dense planet with a mission; to wake people up to the truth. And over the last few years in our restaurant I’ve improved my skills  to better scan people in order to give them just the right amount of intel they can handle.

Because the truth is so ugly! The truth is so evil! Evil beyond your wildest imaginations. And without knowing the truth we can’t work towards a plan and a solution to defeat these dark forces that want nothing but to enslave and consume us.

This fight is about good against evil. Not about an orange buffoon. Sure, he may be deeply flawed, but he’s doing a hell of a job (pun intended) of draining the swamp of those evil psychopaths and giving back the country to We The People.

How is it possible that we accept living in a world where 800,000 children in the United States of America alone, and 8,000,000 million (!) children worldwide disappear into a global pedophile and satanic network?


How is it possible that we accept that our world leaders, royalty and celebrities are willing participants in those dark and occult ceremonies, torturing, sacrificing and consuming children?

It’s time for a revolution!

As our hero whistleblower Corey Goode says:Corey Goode also said that we had to become creative in getting out the message of full disclosure. Inspired by his words I created this funny song with my ukulele on Halloween with my Punisher QAnon Fusca for President Costume.

Usually I end my blog with my list of sources, but you can find that list in my previous blog. I do want to give a shout to a new duo producing fantastic and high quality YouTube videos called Edge of Wonder, with many premieres from our biggest hero David Wilcock.

Merry Christmas all you beautiful souls out there. May the Christ consciousness touch our hearts. May we spread our love and our light where darkness resides. May the brave truth seekers, whistleblowers and citizen journalists receive the recognition they deserve. Thank you, Q Team, for all you do. Thank you Anons, for all you do. Dark to Light. Where We Go One, We Go All. Merry Christmas to you all!

And a healthy and happy New Year where The GreatAwakening will take place.



QAnon went silent on October the 9th. This is the 3rd time Q went silent. Every time Q went silent our good friend Vincent Fusca appeared in the audience of the VIP section of a Trump rally.

For the ones new to this blog, or even for my regular readers, let me give you a short update to who QAnon is and who Vincent Fusca is.

Q is an intelligence team of the highest security level in the current US administration who are communicating with We The People through the last non censored free speech channel available which, at the moment, is 8Chan. Thanks to Q we know what’s really happening behind the geo-political curtains and how this planet is being liberated from a luciferian cult.

This short video gives a perfect and very current overview of what’s playing at this very moment on the political stage.

Back to Vincent Fusca. As you could have read in my previous blog, we believe JFK jr staged his own death in order to continue to work behind the scenes to revenge his father’s murder.

Here’s a very interesting article about JFK jr theory called:


We think JFK jr created this persona and then used it as a cameo to appear at the rallies. Here’s a video of the real Fusca. The one in my previous blog was mysteriously removed by YouTube, but I found another video.

Here the Fusca persona is wearing the same Kavanagh Fedora his father used to wear.

Shortly after, this photo appeared with a mysterious lady called Denise Raz Kil in a polka dot dress. Did you know that there is a book about the murder of Robert Kennedy called the Polka Dot files, because a mysterious lady in a polka dot dress was involved?

Needless to say that we’re not letting this red pill moment go to waste. This Halloween Honza is going dressed as Vincent Fusca. And I’m going dressed a sexy Q Punisher.

And red pilling I am. Having a restaurant in a tourist town offers plenty opportunity to strike up a conversation and steer the talk in the desired direction. Some people can handle 10%, which is always a good measure to start with, and some are ready to hear the entire story on how evil has had a strangle hold on humanity.

I found a very interesting video with a recording from 1967. A speech by Myron C Fagan about the history of the Illuminati and how far back they had created plans for WW1, WW2, and even WW3 back in the 1700’s. Well worth your time to understand the source of evil.

By now we have close to 60,000 sealed indictments. We are all eagerly awaiting the mass arrests, but we have to wait until after the mid term elections because of the Hatch Act. Then we’ll see the historical defeat of this organized crime syndicate who traffic drugs, arms, organs and children, and are involved in many secret military and space programs.

David Wilcock has written a very lengthy article about the upcoming mass arrests. If you are familiar with his work I suggest you skip to part 3.


Also, Mike Adams from Natural News gives some interesting additional views on the planned mass arrests and military tribunals.


There is one thing you need to understand.

We The People can forgive you, The Deep State, that you didn’t tell us about SSP’s, UFO’s, ET’s, and suppressed technology that would warp us into a Star Trek life style. We’ll soon catch up.

But there’s one thing we can never ever forgive. What you do to our children. Hundreds of thousands of children are kidnapped and trafficked for one sole purpose: to be raped, tortured and sacrificed under the most horrendous circumstances during your dark satanic ceremonies, meanwhile extracting your favoured drug Adrenachrome from your victims brains.

Often people ask me how I know all these things. I usually refer them to my last blog because I always mention all my sources in the hope you will start doing your own research.

Before I end this blog with my list of sources, YouTube channels, and newspapers I want to mention a few new victims/survivors/whistle blowers that I’ve come across.

The YouTube channel Dauntless Dialogue  from Adam Riva has presented us with some excellent interviews with new Secret Space Program whistleblowers.

The first one is Tony Rodrigues.

The second one is Randy Cramer.

The YouTube channel International Tribunal for Natural Justice has presented us with testimonies of survivors of sexual ritual abuse who name a few very big names. These testimonies are not for the faint of heart.

Here’s the one of Fiona Barnett.

Here’s the one of Rachel Vaughan.

On a positive note, some of our most favourite people we follow, namely David Wilcock, Corey Goode and Jordan Sather, have independently produced a documentary that will blow your mind. Here’s the trailer.

And I’ve found a new guy that I’ve added to my list of people to watch on YouTube. His channel is called In Pursuit Of Truth. 

His style is funny, radio DJ like presentation, with crazy clips, but spot on.

Before we hit the streets for Halloween with our red pill costumes I’m ending this blog with my sources.


Here’s the photo of our costumes. The Mexican police car must be a coincidence.


Fans of various Q Anon Facebook pages thought this was a very cool costume. But what totally made my day was the moment I found out that Liz Crokin had tweeted this photo on her Twitter account. You have to know that she is my HERO! She’s a very successful and respected investigative journalist both in the White House and Hollywood. Well, that was until she started covering elite child sex trafficking rings some 2 years ago, after which her life has become quite challenging, to put it mildly.

Okay, so here we go with the list of sources.

In the morning I start with the Facebook Pages of:

Liz Crokin


Destroying the illusion Group

Then I shift through a bunch of newspapers:











Then half way the day I receive the following websites in my mailbox that contain a treasure of more interesting articles:

Stillness in the Storm

Galactic Connection

And by the end of the day my husband and I watch episodes from the following YouTube channels:

Destroying the Illusion

X22 Report 

You Are Free TV

SGT Report

Simon Parkes

Liz Crokin

That’s it folks, for now. Happy Research.

The Great Awakening is happening and you are part of it!























Today Honza and I celebrate the amorous fact that exactly 9 nine years ago we threw ourselves in each other’s arms, after an absence of almost 30 years. Romantic souls as we are, we’ve been honouring the 19th of each month as a special day, just for us.

om 108

Needless to say that we soon figured out that we’re actually celebrating 108 months of marital bliss. The number 108 is a sacred number in many Eastern religions.  The average distance of the Sun and the Moon to Earth is 108 times their respective diameters. And according to yogic tradition, there are 108 pithas, or sacred sites, throughout India. There are also 108 Upanishads, sacred texts, and 108 marma points, or sacred places of the body. I could fill an entire blog on the sacred meaning of the number 108, but I’ll leave that for another time. Maybe.

Here are a few images of our 1st summer together, where it all started.

A romantic lunch in Prague

A romantic lunch in Prague

P1010005 More romance in Prague.

P1010242At Honza’s summer house in Horni Kalna, with mom visiting.

P1010715What we still do best: Drink wine and laugh!

A few weeks ago we moved from our emergency studio to a sweet condo just a couple of blocks from our restaurant. About the why and how you may read in my 4th book coming out the end of this summer.


The very 1st night at our new home I had an extremely powerful dream.

jaguar 3

jaguar 2

Honza and I had begun walking down a jungle path, similar to a trail at Pueblo Sacbe , heading towards a lake, when we realised that heavy rains had turned the track into a small river.  Then, out of nowhere, a jaguar appeared in front of us. Naturally, at first, I was scared of such a wild animal, until the creature set its eyes on me, and I was hypnotised with its gaze. Then this elegant wild cat turned around, forcing me to observe a ferocious wild river with a giant white serpent sliding through its waves. I didn’t see its head or tail, but this is what it looked like.


Image of the feathered serpent, the Mayan deity Kukulkan or Quetzalcoatl.


Any comments about the meaning of this particular dream are more than welcome.

Snake eagle

In previous blogs I’ve reported about the night that Honza was visited by hundreds of extra terrestrial Sphere Beings. If you’ve missed it, here is a video that gives a good impression how these Sphere Beings look like.

I’ve also written about another extra terrestrial race, one of the 5 races within the Sphere Being Alliance, who are called the Blue Avians.

Blue Avian, one of the races of the Sphere Being Alliance

Blue Avian, one of the races of the Sphere Being Alliance

Sphere Being Blue AvianNow recently I’ve come across an article where the ancient Egyptian falcon headed god called Horus, appeared blue. Only 5 years ago, when the Egyptians had restored the ceiling and had removed the layers of black soot at Denderah, it was discovered that Horus was actually blue.

Horus with a blue head.

Horus with a blue head.

Is there a connection?

Furthermore, the Sphere Beings are mostly seen with a blue hue. That’s exactly what Honza had reported. Those blue spheres are also used as transportation vehicles, a Merkaba.


In that same article a connection is made  between Jesus Christ and the blue spheres. Is it a coincidence that Jesus Christ was portrayed with a blue sphere around him, the vehicle of ascension?

jesus blueJesus Blue

Enough talk about Jesus, serpents and aliens.

It’s time to party!

This coming Tuesday, the 21st of June, on the summer solstice, we’re throwing a big dance party with our famous DJ Greco, to celebrate our 9 years (or 108 months) of marital bliss. We’re offering a generous Mexican buffet, free of charge of course. So, put on your dancing shoes, and we’ll see you around 5pm, cause we like our parties early.



El Jardin's 1st Year Anniversary Invitation

Can you believe it?

This coming Wednesday March the 16th El Jardin is celebrating its 1st year anniversary!

Needless to say that we’re throwing a big party with a large free Mexican buffet and DJ Greco will join us for some dance tunes.

You know we like our parties early and you know where to find us.


We’re happy to share with you that  El Jardin is doing well.

From Tripadvisor we have been receiving (almost) nothing but 5 star reviews. Here’s a nice one titled:


Great food, charming hosts and an oasis in the busyness of downtown Playa del Carmen. El Jardin, located behind thick stone walls and amidst towering palms, a tricking stream and small gardens is an extraordinary treat. The food is fresh, delicious, well-portioned, but the real treat is the live music on Friday evenings. Paula, one of your hosts at El Jardin has a stunning voice and repertoire–ranging from blues, to Jazz to soft rock and sentimental favourites. She also mentors local singers and regularly features local divas and the occasional divo. A night to remember and repeat.

We also receive much clientele from the site

Seth, the owner of that site, is a big fan and recently he even taped a short video.

We were also featured in a video made for PlayaPalms Condos and this clip gives a nice impression of our Noche de Divas, and some of our food styles. Yes, when the video was taped it was cold, hence the turtleneck.

Another big event in the history of El Jardin was the recording of an episode of Chef Rick Bayless’ ‘One Plate at the Time’, one time winner of Top Chef. On a Friday morning a crew of 16 people entered El Jardin and set up their stage in the kitchen of our Funky House. At the end of the day we received a signed copy of one of Rick’s cookbooks and in return he received a copy of my yoga DVD.

photo (4)

Guess what? He’s an avid yoga practitioner


He has a great sense of humour too.

Here’s a 1.30 minute ‘behind the scenes’ video clip of that specific day. They’ve edited it in such a way that it appears I’ve completely ruined Chef Rick Bayless’ recordings with singing Edith Piaf in the background.

All in all it was a great experience, but the only thing that we were rather disappointed with was the fact that the production team never told us that they would be entering our property with a professional production team to film an episode of a very famous chef. They booked our airbnb ‘Funky House downtown Playa’ without mentioning what is was intended for. Both Honza and I have had experience in the film production business, and we both know that a contract is presented before hand, and not after the filming. We also know that the price for a location is slightly more than an economic airbnb. In short; we felt cheated. And no matter how famous you are, this is simply not done. Period.


Blue Avian, one of the 5 races of the Sphere Being Alliance

Blue Avian, one of the 5 races of the Sphere Being Alliance

Last but not least – and I’ve mentioned this before – I want to bring to your attention again that Honza was visited by hundreds of extra terrestrial sphere beings last year.

In one of my previous blogs I’ve posted a video that gives a good impression how these sphere beings look like. If you’ve missed it, here’s the video:

Within the Sphere Being Alliance there are 5 different races.  The actual sphere beings are one these races, and so are the Blue Avians, of which I have placed an image. The Sphere Being Alliance is playing a very important role in the current transition process of planet Earth moving from a ‘war zone’ into a free, thriving and peaceful planet.

If you’ve missed the documentary Thrive, here’s another chance.

The technology to heal every single person from any imaginary disease is at our fingertips. So is the technology to clean our water, our air and the earth crust. And so is the technology to free ourselves from the control of the petrol industry and subsequently the financial tyranny of which we have been slaves.


So where is all this technology? As you may very well know, I’ve been studying these matters for many, many years. Countless books I’ve read, and Honza and I have been following certain scientist, journalists and bloggers  for many years. A little over a year ago we started reading about whistle-blowers who – with fear of their own lives – were reporting about Secret Space Programs; Colonies on the moon, Mars and other locations that had been operating since the ‘50s.


The reason why these space programs were secret is because without this knowledge we could be controlled much easier.

Don’t you think you have a right to know where your taxpayer money went?

Don’t you think you have a right to know what kind of technology they have developed with your money?

Don’t you think you have a right to access to that technology, for which you paid?

Don’t you think it’s time to ask questions?

You know you’re too smart and too intelligent not to start asking questions.

Many of your questions will be answered in the following article, which gives an insightful overview of the history of this solar system, and the history of the Secret Space Programs, and which role you can play in the liberation of this planet. Here’s a link to that article. It takes about 2 hours to read.


 Don’t you think it’s time to reclaim your freedom?

Remember… you are part of the solution.


It’s time for full Disclosure!



The biggest change in our lives was the visit of Honza’s 2 sons; Marnix aged 19 and Floris aged 17.

Marnix (right) & Floris (left)

Marnix (right) & Floris (left)

When Honza and I rekindled our love 8 years ago we had spent a wonderful summer in Prague and in Honza’s summer house, his chalupa, where I met his 2 sons.

Marnix (right) and Floris (left) aged 9 and 11.

Floris (left) and Marnix (right) aged 9 and 11.

Immediately they fell in love with my dog Guapo.

Immediately they fell in love with my Mexican dog Guapo.

Water biking on the Moldau with Guapo in the background

Water biking on the Moldau with Guapo in the background.

Enjoying lunch along in Prague along the Moldau. (check the light spot above Honza head)

Enjoying lunch  in Prague along the Moldau. (check the light spot above Honza’s head)

Father and Son.

Father and Son.

Father and Son.

Father and Son.

We got along pretty good.

We got along pretty good.

The following year we spent another beautiful summer in the Czech mountains.

Marnix (left) and Floris (right) 1 year later.

Floris (left) and Marnix (right) 1 year later.

Preparing the nightly bonfire in front of our chalupa.

Preparing the nightly bonfire in front of our chalupa.

Hours and hours we talked around the pile of flames.

Hours and hours we talked staring into the flames and towards the stars.

Resting on a bench at the village of Vrachlabi.

Resting on a bench at the village of Vrchlabi. (Marnix calling  his mom and Guapo came along again the 2nd year)

Father and Son.

Father and Son.

Father and Son.

Father and Son.

We always had so much fun!

We always had so much fun!

Honza & Paula happy.

Honza & Paula happy.

The Boys playing around.

The Boys happy.

This summer we simply picked  things up where we had left them, nearly 7 years ago.

At the family table of El Jardin.

At the family table of El Jardin.

We truly had a  wonderful time getting to know each other again.

At Isla Mujeres enjoying a beer in crystal clear Caribean waters.

At Isla Mujeres enjoying a beer in crystal clear Caribean waters.

Eating pizza at WahWah's after a long day at sea swimming with whalesharks.

At WahWah’s after a long day at sea swimming with whale sharks.

Seeing dad at work during a Noche de Divas at El Jardin.

At El Jardin seeing dad at work during a Noche de Divas.

And the kids got a little drunk (including Paula), but dad got us home safely.

At Rick’s birthday party at beach club Zenzi where the kids got a little drunk (including Paula) , but dad got us home safely.

In other words… we had a incredible time, and they’ll be back next year!

Good Times!

Good Times!

Better Times!

Better Times!

Another change was the decision of our Cuban soprano to choose a future that did not involve the family of El Jardin. A week after this photoshoot she decided not to return.

Getting in the mood to sing like Carmen.

IMG_3606 copyIMG_3618 copy

When this door closed, many new doors opened. Every week we offer more variety and more singers at the stage of El Jardin, and my dear old friend Ted Rhodes and newly discovered soprano Victoria Carpio perform with me every single week. We even offer an open mic after the 1st set and so far we’ve been surprised by a very lovely Argentinian soprano.

Ted Rhodes and in the background Victoria Carpio singing a duet.

Ted Rhodes and in the background Victoria Carpio singing a duet.



Proud of the singers on our stage.

Proud of the singers on our stage.





Another change involved our chef.

Chef, paula en Honza

We had appeared in another great food blog from Buy Playa.

Nevertheless, his uncontrolled alcohol consumption was affecting our business, so we had to let him go.

Within a week we had found another Mayan chef; young, talented and creative. His steady boyfriend of 3 years doesn’t drink, so chances are little we’ll encounter the same issues.

We also found the waitress we had been looking for all this time; a young woman with no experience, but a natural in this line of work. Together with our faithful Marce our team is complete to receive the high season.

Our new waitress Ana, with Marce in the background.

Our new waitress Ana, with Marce in the background. 

The last and maybe most important change is that we’ve found a new home. After 18 months moving from one noisy condo to another we’ve found a house in a quiet neighbourhood at the outskirts of Playa del Carmen.

Bamboo trees rustling in front of pur bedroom window.

I’m sure that, with a large private rooftop, we’ll do some star gazing and maybe… we’ll receive another visit from the Sphere Beings that Honza recently experienced. Hundreds of them. Here’s more information on this subject. 

Honza said they look a little bit like this:

Oh, and 1 more change: Honza will be celebrating his 65th birthday this coming Wednesday, August the 26th, at El Jardin.

Honza 65

No way! 65 Already?

Lots of yoga and lots of sex with Paula will do the trick…

Anyway, you know we like our parties early, so we’re starting at 4pm at El Jardin with our well known DJ Greco for some sweet dance tunes. Chef Emiliano will prepare a generous Mexican buffet, and the bar will serve all beers for $20,- Pesos, and all wine and tequila for $40.- Pesos.

Can’t miss it!

El Jardin flyer vuelta















Yes! We finally received our liquor license. And that event called for a party. Honza had calculated that on March 16 we were to celebrate the fact that we rekindled our love 7 years, 7 months, 7 weeks and 7 days ago. So, that’s the day we choose to officially celebrate the Grand Opening of El Jardin.

Happy but tired

Happy but tired

Inauguracion todos

Needless to say El Jardin was absolutely packed.

With a liquor license come a few goodies like a few nice umbrellas.

Full house

And a new Sol sign.

Sol sign

We have updated our logo with Comida YucaCheca, which is a combination of the traditional Yucatecan food from this región and a few touches from our famous Czech Honza, in Spanish a ‘checo’. Hence YucaCheca!

Logo Jardin 3 small

And we have updated our flyer with our new openings hours and a daily menú for $80.- Pesos.

El Jardin Flyer 3 small

So every morning I write the daily menú choices on the sandwich board.


And place it outside in front of the bike rack we had made.


We’ve received many friends already at El Jardin, and it’s very promising to see that they all keep returning.


The owner of the property, Karen, honored us with a visit.

The owner of the property, Karen, honored us with a visit.

We’ve also met a few new friends and these 2 lovely ladies had a ball as you can see.

Deb & Pat

Doing what we’re good at… entertaining guests

Entertaining Guests

We’ve also received a professional photo shoot of the house and here are a few impressions.


Here is a link to the rest of the photos posted on Airbnb

We’ve also worked on the área that we now call the Gallery, anex office space.

This what it looked like before

Gallery Before

This is how it looks now


The work of the ‘Wedding at Cana’ is a massive oil painting by the late-Renaissance or Mannerist Italian painter Paolo Veronese. It is on display in the Musée du Louvre in Paris, where it is the largest painting in that museum’s collection. At El Jardin you can take a close look at this copy, where Jesus turned water into wine.

We only wished…

The last thing I want to share with you is that I’m finally able to make one of my (many) dreams come true and that is starting a choir. The Cuban soprano Mayret approached me after my performance at the 3rd anniversary of Le Lotus Rouge and asked me where she could sing classical repertoire. I answered: “At El Jardin with me!” We’ve started preparing a classical repertoire for weddings and special events at El Jardin, and she assists me  when I teach my students. Within a few weeks we had gathered a sweet group of girls, beautifully singing in harmony.

Tomorrow evening we’ll present our 1st concert, including 9 talented singers, an event we plan to offer once a month at El Jardin.

Noche de Divas

See you all tomorrow evening!

















It’s no secret that 2014 has been a rather interesting year for us. We gave up our home and business to bring Amarte Maroma  back to life, only to be kicked out after 3 successful months.

Oh well, c’est la vie.

For the next 3 months we were homeless, our belongings stored at too many different locations and bodega’s, trying to make sense of it all. Finally, at the end of the summer we found a new home for ourselves and shortly after a new business opportunity presented itself: El Jardin.

The Universe works in mysterious ways. As you may remember, we had made a New Years wish; asking the Universe to help us find a bigger place and one a bit closer to the sea. The Universe gave us a little detour, because if it wasn’t for the experience in Amarte we never would have seen the value of El Jardin, and at this moment in our life that’s where we need to be.

Then sometimes these lyrics from Bob Marley pop into my head:

“Don’t worry about a thing.

Cause everything little thing gonna be alright.”

So what’s happening at El Jardin?

Flyer El jardin

We’ve moved the weekly local market to the Saturday afternoon, offering people an opportunity to do their local shopping in the weekend. And we moved the monthly Bazar to every 1st Sunday of the month. The atmosphere is always great, old and new friends meet and I sing a few songs. Here’s an impression of those afternoons.

Taking pictures with a tablet

Taking pictures with a tablet

20141204_114740 20141204_114755 20141204_114818 20141204_114842 20141204_114908 20141204_114942 20141204_114947


20141204_115055 20141204_115234 20141204_115254 20141204_115342

We’ve renovated the existing construction that held the pump, gas and water tanks that took up a lot of space, and moved the equipment up, creating an area for sinks and storage space. I know it looks scary when you suddenly find an enormous pile of construction material in the middle of your beautiful garden, so Honza was happy to only see the end result and that was shocking enough for him.

A big pile of construction material

A big pile of construction material

Starting to mount the walls

Starting to mount the walls

Last finishing touches.

Last finishing touches.

We’ve improved the stage even more and had the existing wood treated and the result is marvelous.

The existing wood removed for treatment.

The existing wood removed for treatment.

The treated tropical hardwood starting to be replaced.

The treated tropical hardwood starting to be replaced.

Don Jorge's son learning the trade from his father.

Don Jorge’s son learning the trade from his father.

The floor is finished and we are tired and dusty, but happy!

The floor is finished and we are tired and dusty, but happy!

The same talented carpenter created a beautiful addition to our existing table, so we could fit more than 10 people on our table.

The reason why we needed to expand the table is because we were booked for an event, and that is one of the core businesses of El Jardin. A group of 13 French people had booked the table for a sit down dinner to welcome the New Year. They were familiar with Honza’s cooking skills and my French repertoire, and they were not disappointed.

Our carpenter created a seamless addition.

Our carpenter created a seamless addition.

Paula singing to her French speaking guests.

Paula singing to her French speaking guests.

The only eventful situation that presented itself that night was a power outage in the neighborhood, but within a minute the lights went back on. Except in the house, which we have promoted as a vacation rental. Our guests would return to a dark house with no running water. The next morning I assessed the situation. Nothing a seasoned property manager couldn’t handle. Except when it’s the 1st of January. I was so tired from working 2 months straight getting our place ready for guests, and the previous day having worked from 7 in the morning till 2 at night, I just broke down in tears. Oh well, shit happens. We gave them back their money and they left with a smile.

Another event we hosted was the yearly Christmas dinner for our company Star Condos.

Instead of choosing a fancy restaurant Honza insisted on cooking for our Mexican family and they were thrilled, cause Honza’s typical cuisine is well known with our team.

Posada 3

Honza's famous caserolas

Honza’s famous caserolas

And Paula sang a few Mexican Boleros.

And Paula sang a few Mexican Boleros.

The last event we hosted was one for the charity organization Good Intentions

They teach English to Mexican children and offer them possibilities to develop themselves creatively and spiritually by giving art and yoga classes. Of course Honza cooked up a storm for 50 children. Giving back to the community feels good. Here’s an impression of that afternoon.

On their way to El Jardin - community center.

On their way to El Jardin – community center.

Creating art, pictures and drawings.

Receiving instructions for the art class.

A beautiful drawing.

A beautiful drawing.

And another one.

And another one.

Yoga class.

Yoga class.

Honza ready to serve the buffet.

Honza ready to serve the buffet.

My fellow yoga teacher.

My fellow yoga teacher.

Soaked from a tropical shower.

Soaked from a tropical shower.

So what’s planned for the near future? Since we’re still in the process of obtaining our licenses to legally open our doors, we can’t tell you when we’ll be able to serve you your 1st glass of wine. But we can tell you that Wednesday the 21st of January we’ll open our doors to celebrate Paula’s 50th birthday. We’ll be using the formula that has always worked in the past: Honza cooks an enormous buffet and you bring your favorite beverage of choice. Of course you can count on our famous DJ Greco to heat up the dance floor. And you know we like to start early, like 4 in the afternoon.

I had an idea for a picture for my 50th birthday invitation, but so far I’ll share with you the one that our friend Gary Wendt created for me 10 years ago.

The famous original from 10 years ago.

The famous original from 10 years ago.

Sometimes Honza and I feel overwhelmed by the idea that we’re opening a restaurant, as we both know from experience what that entails. But then I think:

“Don’t worry about a thing.

Cause everything little thing gonna be alright.”

We're back in business.

We’re back in business.