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Today Honza and I celebrate the amorous fact that exactly 9 nine years ago we threw ourselves in each other’s arms, after an absence of almost 30 years. Romantic souls as we are, we’ve been honouring the 19th of each month as a special day, just for us.

om 108

Needless to say that we soon figured out that we’re actually celebrating 108 months of marital bliss. The number 108 is a sacred number in many Eastern religions.  The average distance of the Sun and the Moon to Earth is 108 times their respective diameters. And according to yogic tradition, there are 108 pithas, or sacred sites, throughout India. There are also 108 Upanishads, sacred texts, and 108 marma points, or sacred places of the body. I could fill an entire blog on the sacred meaning of the number 108, but I’ll leave that for another time. Maybe.

Here are a few images of our 1st summer together, where it all started.

A romantic lunch in Prague

A romantic lunch in Prague

P1010005 More romance in Prague.

P1010242At Honza’s summer house in Horni Kalna, with mom visiting.

P1010715What we still do best: Drink wine and laugh!

A few weeks ago we moved from our emergency studio to a sweet condo just a couple of blocks from our restaurant. About the why and how you may read in my 4th book coming out the end of this summer.


The very 1st night at our new home I had an extremely powerful dream.

jaguar 3

jaguar 2

Honza and I had begun walking down a jungle path, similar to a trail at Pueblo Sacbe , heading towards a lake, when we realised that heavy rains had turned the track into a small river.  Then, out of nowhere, a jaguar appeared in front of us. Naturally, at first, I was scared of such a wild animal, until the creature set its eyes on me, and I was hypnotised with its gaze. Then this elegant wild cat turned around, forcing me to observe a ferocious wild river with a giant white serpent sliding through its waves. I didn’t see its head or tail, but this is what it looked like.


Image of the feathered serpent, the Mayan deity Kukulkan or Quetzalcoatl.


Any comments about the meaning of this particular dream are more than welcome.

Snake eagle

In previous blogs I’ve reported about the night that Honza was visited by hundreds of extra terrestrial Sphere Beings. If you’ve missed it, here is a video that gives a good impression how these Sphere Beings look like.

I’ve also written about another extra terrestrial race, one of the 5 races within the Sphere Being Alliance, who are called the Blue Avians.

Blue Avian, one of the races of the Sphere Being Alliance

Blue Avian, one of the races of the Sphere Being Alliance

Sphere Being Blue AvianNow recently I’ve come across an article where the ancient Egyptian falcon headed god called Horus, appeared blue. Only 5 years ago, when the Egyptians had restored the ceiling and had removed the layers of black soot at Denderah, it was discovered that Horus was actually blue.

Horus with a blue head.

Horus with a blue head.

Is there a connection?

Furthermore, the Sphere Beings are mostly seen with a blue hue. That’s exactly what Honza had reported. Those blue spheres are also used as transportation vehicles, a Merkaba.


In that same article a connection is made  between Jesus Christ and the blue spheres. Is it a coincidence that Jesus Christ was portrayed with a blue sphere around him, the vehicle of ascension?

jesus blueJesus Blue

Enough talk about Jesus, serpents and aliens.

It’s time to party!

This coming Tuesday, the 21st of June, on the summer solstice, we’re throwing a big dance party with our famous DJ Greco, to celebrate our 9 years (or 108 months) of marital bliss. We’re offering a generous Mexican buffet, free of charge of course. So, put on your dancing shoes, and we’ll see you around 5pm, cause we like our parties early.




Do you believe in destiny? My husband and I do. And with the idea that the course of events in our lives are – in one way or the other – predetermined, our love story turns out to be even more interesting.

Imagine two soulmates who are destined to be together. Not only are they born in two different countries, at a certain point they even live on two different continents. Sounds like mission impossible, but you never know how life will magically enfolds itself.

Let’s go back in time a little and see where this love story starts.

Russian invasion in Prague in 1968

Russian invasion in Prague in 1968

Shortly after the Russians invaded Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic and Slovakia) Honza escaped the communist regime and choose the liberal and open minded country called the Netherlands as his new home. Eventually he found himself running a bar called Café 2005 in a neighbourhood that was known for the presence of many artists, writers and musicians, like the world famous rock bands Golden Earring, and Shocking Blue. In that same street my father, Eppo Harbrink Numan, had opened the very 1st Dutch barbecue restaurant called Charcoal, which became an overnight success.


Restaurant Charcoal in The Hague, Holland

Yes, that’s me in the foreground. I was around seven years old when that photo was taken. My parents and Honza knew each other professionally, but I was hardly in the picture at that time. Five years later my father opened another restaurant called Bajazzo, which made you feel like you walked into a chic Paris establishment during the 1900’s.

From Left to Right: Nico Molhoek, Wolfgang Bartos, Ronald Hoenderop, Eppo Harbrink Numan, Sir Talsma, Olaf Weissman and Roberto deLuca. In front:  Paula, sister Lucinda en brother Leonard

From Left to Right: Nico Molhoek, Wolfgang Bartos, Ronald Hoenderop, Eppo Harbrink Numan, Sir Talsma, Olaf Weissman and Roberto deLuca. In front: Paula, sister Lucinda en brother Leonard. Foto: Cees Zorn

It was around this time that my attention was drawn to this very handsome tall curly head, who would cast a friendly and flirtatious smile at me every time I passed Café 2005.

Cafe 2005

Cafe 2005. Foto: Cees Zorn

A few years later I had gathered enough courage to trick this recently divorced man into hiring me as his part time household aid, so I could iron his shirts, something he dreaded more than anything. You can find all the juicy details about how I eventually seduced him in The Queen’s Boudoir, the 2nd book in the Queen´s Trilogy. It was our little secret. Nobody knew about it. It was beautiful, the first time I made love to a man.

Honza 2005

Honza Mlejnek behind the bar at Cafe 2005

I have beautiful photos of myself from that period taken by photographers David Hamilton and Max Koot, but these are all stored at my moms. The only one that I could get my hands on from around that period is this picture from the Vrije School.

I'm standing top left with a white sweater.

I’m standing top left with a white sweater.

We hardly saw each other during the next thirty years, mostly because I was always traveling or living abroad. But seven years ago fate directed me back to Holland. I had decided to visit my family and spent a summer vacation in my home country, taking a break from a demanding consultancy job, and the hot and humid Mexican Caribbean. Well, that very first day in my home town I ran into Honza and when I saw him I simply threw myself into his arms. We were both completely surprised at the utter joy we felt seeing each other again after so many years, and we realized that our first secret adventure had created the imprint we needed to make this reconnection.

A romantic night in Prague

A romantic night in Prague

We also realised that we allowed ourselves to fall deeply in love, because we had nothing to loose. I had a beautiful home and a professional life in Mexico, and there was no way I would ever go back to a grey life where, “Act normal, than your’re acting crazy enough” is the norm. And Honza had a job he liked, together with a life full of responsibilities in Holland. We dove into our summer romance like there was no tomorrow. We enjoyed relaxed days in his Czech summer house in the mountains, and romantic nights in the cultural city of Prague. Well, you can’t just fall out of love, and soon we came to conclusion that we couldn’t live without each other.

At Honza's summer house in Horni Kalna

At Honza’s summer house in Horni Kalna

Even my mother visited the best son in law she could wish for

Even my mother visited the best son in law she could wish for

We’re coming close to the famous Seven Year Itch. It’s itching alright, but in all the right places. So far, we’re still shamelessly happy and in love.


Today, the famous Valentine’s Day – the day of friendship and romance – we hope to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary (the Super Bowl took over on our actual lustrum) with all our friends who happen to be in the neighbourhood. It looks like this is going to be the last big party we will be celebrating at Hacienda El Sol, a place we have been able to call home for the past five years and where we have thrown a few parties to remember.

A grand future lies a head.

Simply keep living your dream!