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Happy New Year everybody! It almost looks like a Q, doesn’t it?

After 4 years El Jardin is closing its doors. The decline in international tourism due to the ongoing seaweed problem, the growing cartel violence, the addition of more impersonal megalomanic franchises, as well as a grueling competition forced us to end this adventure.

As everybody around us says: “You guys always get back on your feet.” “When one door closes another one opens.” And maybe even more than one. Who knows? Because we have a great plan which we will share with you in a minute.

We’re both very grateful for this experience, but relieved that this stressful existence has come to an end. We’re grateful for the many connections we’ve made during all those years; the souls we’ve touched with our stories, and the hearts we’ve inspired with our performances.

So, what’s next?

Paula is joining the navy!

A strong hierarchy, strict rules, no privacy and on call 24/7 is exactly what this free spirited yogi needs. Paula is joining the cruise ship entertainment business.

The past 4 years have given me the opportunity to perfect my show on my own stage. Many stars have come and gone, but Alberto Franco, my steady musical partner, is still going strong. We have a comical and sensual chemistry, which we will explore further in order to sail the seven seas


But there’s more. To my utter surprise I’ve written a full One Woman Comedy show a few months ago, including stories, anecdotes, funny characters, jokes and songs, which I’m still presenting on my stage. Well, actually, one more time.

Again, I had written our valued family friend Paul van Vliet, Dutch ambassador of Unicef, and the oldest Dutch virtuoso of theatre, music and comedy still alive. Paul is 83 years and still performing.

Again, he rewarded me with a beautiful answer:

Sweet courageous Paula,

I wish you all good things with your new adventures.

I admire your perseverance, your talent and positivity.

Hold on to that.

Sweet greetings and embraced.

Paul van Vliet.

Let me tell you that receiving such words of encouragement from the master himself means the world to me.

So, the plan is to create a few short promo videos of the above-mentioned projects and present them to either an employment agency that specializes in cruise ship entertainment, or directly to certain cruise ships. The thing is that I’m aiming to work for gay cruises, since my comedy show has many gay characters and even a drag queen. And yes… it’s a show for adults only. Surely must come as a surprise?

And Honza? He’ll stay home and take care of our girl Gypsy.


Did we lose clientele over our geo-politcal world views? Absolutely! No doubt about it.

But let me tell you one thing: “I do NOT apologize for the truth.” I’ve come to this dense planet with a mission; to wake people up to the truth. And over the last few years in our restaurant I’ve improved my skills  to better scan people in order to give them just the right amount of intel they can handle.

Because the truth is so ugly! The truth is so evil! Evil beyond your wildest imaginations. And without knowing the truth we can’t work towards a plan and a solution to defeat these dark forces that want nothing but to enslave and consume us.

This fight is about good against evil. Not about an orange buffoon. Sure, he may be deeply flawed, but he’s doing a hell of a job (pun intended) of draining the swamp of those evil psychopaths and giving back the country to We The People.

How is it possible that we accept living in a world where 800,000 children in the United States of America alone, and 8,000,000 million (!) children worldwide disappear into a global pedophile and satanic network?


How is it possible that we accept that our world leaders, royalty and celebrities are willing participants in those dark and occult ceremonies, torturing, sacrificing and consuming children?

It’s time for a revolution!

As our hero whistleblower Corey Goode says:Corey Goode also said that we had to become creative in getting out the message of full disclosure. Inspired by his words I created this funny song with my ukulele on Halloween with my Punisher QAnon Fusca for President Costume.

Usually I end my blog with my list of sources, but you can find that list in my previous blog. I do want to give a shout to a new duo producing fantastic and high quality YouTube videos called Edge of Wonder, with many premieres from our biggest hero David Wilcock.

Merry Christmas all you beautiful souls out there. May the Christ consciousness touch our hearts. May we spread our love and our light where darkness resides. May the brave truth seekers, whistleblowers and citizen journalists receive the recognition they deserve. Thank you, Q Team, for all you do. Thank you Anons, for all you do. Dark to Light. Where We Go One, We Go All. Merry Christmas to you all!

And a healthy and happy New Year where The GreatAwakening will take place.



The news that Prince has died at the age of 57 shocked the world, including myself. That afternoon I put on the song Purple Rain, turned the volume really loud at our restaurant El Jardin, and instantly it started to rain like crazy. I cried my eyes out.

Purple rain

Immediately after seeing the movie Purple Rain – I was 19 years old at that time – I broke up with my boyfriend. He was a wonderful and kind man, but there was one very important part missing in our relationship: unadulterated lustful sex. Thankfully I’ve found my own rock star who is able to keep up with my insatiable appetite for sex… Honza.

El_Jardin_0065 copy

Honza never understood why millions of women felt sexually attracted to this midget.  “Honey,” I said, “He gave us the promise of receiving the best sex. Ever.”

Prince spoke critically about the power of the music industry , about chemtrails , and about the power of the Illuminati.

Now we all know that the dark Cabal , the ruling Elite, doesn’t take criticism easily, especially from influential people who have a large following.

Prince’s last message on his Instagram account was disturbing, to say the least:

insta message


Controversy surrounded Prince, who gave few interviews and kept his life private. That he became a Jehovah witness was one of the most surprising facts. Reportedly he was in need of a double hip replacement surgery, but his faith prevented him from having one, forcing him to take heavy pain medication from which he reportedly overdosed.

I’m not sure if we’ll ever find out the truth. As I always say:

Question everything!

Nevertheless, we’ve lost a musical genius, and even more importantly, a great humanitarian.

What’s my favourite Prince song? I truly have no idea. There are so many. But for now I’ll say Cream, as I will sing this song during our Prince tribute at ‘Noche de Divas’ this coming Friday.

Talking about songs, recently I’ve added a Dutch song to my repertoire because I wanted to sing this song to my mother when she was visiting me in January. I rarely kept it dry singing this song. Recently I’ve dedicated this song to a very dear friend of mine, who’s campaigning for a Dutch organisation called ‘Free a Girl’.

This video has a long intro. I start singing at 4.44.

This organization is committed to freeing young girls from forced prostitution in brothels, mostly in Asia. In the past 7 years they’ve been able to free 3.735 girls and placed them in rehabilitation programs.

Of course I felt inspired to see what we could do here in Mexico and I started a little research. The results are alarming. Child sexual exploitation is a serious problem in Mexico with an estimated 20,000 children being victim of this industry, and the Riviera Maya is an important tourist destination for sex offenders with minors. Mexico is also one of the most corrupt countries in the world, and anyone trying to expose this corruption is easily silenced. Of course there are several Mexican organisations that are involved in ending these atrocities, nevertheless it will be challenging.

But there might be a connection from an unexpected corner of the world, namely the Dutch ambassador of Unicef.


Paul van Vliet is a famous musician, actor and cabaret performer from the same city, and the same neighbourhood, as where I grew up as a little girl, The Hague. Paul was a personal friend of my father and I remember being invited backstage after one of his performances.


In December last year Honza and I watched a documentary about his life, created by his daughter in honour of his 80th birthday. To this day Paul still performs.


Both Honza and I were so touched by this intimate portrait that I felt compelled to write him a long letter. His manager informed me that he had received the letter and that I was on his list of correspondence. It wasn’t until I had sent him that beautiful Dutch cabaret song I had dedicated to my friend’s campaign ‘Free a Girl’, before he finally responded. He was glad I hadn’t given up and had sent him that song which he thought I sang beautifully. Yes, he did remember that little girl from back then, and that he had no idea I had turned into such a gorgeous woman. Whenever I would find myself in Holland he would love to meet with me and talk about my life, back then and now. Small chance I’ll be going to Holland anytime soon, but the connection has been made.

I have set an intention to help these poor children. How, when and where will show itself.

The last thing I want to mention to you that caught my attention are the Panama Papers


The Panama Papers are an unprecedented leak of 11.5m files from the database of the world’s fourth biggest offshore law firm, Mossack Fonseca. The records were obtained from an anonymous source by the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, which shared them with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ). The ICIJ then shared them with a large network of international partners, including the Guardian and the BBC.

Sounds great. Finally we can jail all those tax dodgers. But let’s first take a look at the ones who funded this research. You guessed it right; Goldman Sachs and the Rockefellers are one of the Cabal members who made sure that some enemies were immediately taken out. The 1st one was the Prime Minister of Iceland. Wasn’t he the one who oversaw the jailing of 29 bankers? And why are no American companies mentioned?

An army of internet journalists has already unraveled and flushed the “false flag” operation known as the Panama Toilet Papers.

And I suggest you read more about it here.  

As I keep saying: Question everything!