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Queens Escape Queens Boudoir Queens Destiny


In Book 2 of The Queen's Trilogy Paula Liebe describes how she travels back to Holland from her Mexican adventure, determined to find that big investor for the ecological and spiritual community she passionately wants to be part of. She imagines herself an intelligent courtesan of the 20th century and starts to work as a high-class escort, entertaining ambassadors and bank directors. Paula is convinced that the intriguing journey through this dangerous and erotic world will eventually lead her back to the Mayan mysteries in Mexico. At the same time Paula is very conscious of the fact that this sensual and sexual experience will uncover the darkest passage of her childhood abuse.

To further heal the wounds of her abuse Paula decides to continue her studies with the sacred plant medicine Ayahuasca and she travels back to the jungles of the Amazon, but instead of Brazil she is guided towards Peru. There she finds a female shaman with whom she strongly connects. Finally it looks like she is able to create a spiritual center and connect with the love of her life she's desperately looking for.


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