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Queens Escape Queens Boudoir Queens Destiny


In Book 1 of the Queen's Trilogy, Paula Liebe describes how she, as a successful Dutch businesswoman, escapes her boring corporate career and boldly moves to the Mexican Riviera Maya to study the Mayan prophesies, become a yoga teacher and start a spiritual center. Paula also escapes the pain from her childhood abuse in continued battles with her addictions.

She has traveled to India to learn about the spiritual teachings of yoga. She has traveled to Brazil to study the ceremonial and shamanic use of the sacred plant medicine Ayahuasca. Now that she has found her new home in Playa del Carmen, it looks like she is able to tackle her last demons with her therapist. Continuously in search for her true love, it is clear that she needs to reveal the secret about the relationship with her business partner, a secret that holds the key to her healing process.


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